Battery chainsaw and chainsaw which is better to use?

In the emergency rescue, often use to chainsaw, chainsaw such products, for example, used in breaking, opening, unlocking, etc. In addition chainsaws and chainsaws are also essential devices in garden firefighting work. So the question.The question arises, in the emergency rescue can be sent on such a big role of chainsaw and chainsaws, which is better to use? What is the difference between them? The following with
Michael together to understand the chainsaw and chainsaw.

What is a chainsaw?
Chainsaw, also known as "power saw", chainsaw to electricity as a power, used to Cutting wood, stone, steel and other cutting tools, the edge has a sharp.
The edge has sharp teeth. Divided into hand fixed and portable, the saw blade is generally made of steel Formed,There are round, strip and chain type, etc.

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What is Power Chainsaw?

Chain saw, also known as chain saw, is a hand-held saw powered by gasoline engine, mainly used for logging and lumbering.
Mainly used for logging and timber, its working principle is to rely on the staggered chain of saws
Its working principle is to rely on the L-shaped blade on the saw chain staggered lateral movement to shear action. Chain saws are generally divided into
For motorized chain saw, non-motorized chain saw, etc.


The difference between chainsaws and chainsaws

1、Starting method.
(1) chainsaw is two-stroke engine, must use the fuel ratio, with
Ratio must be in accordance with the ratio of two-stroke engine oil specified. Chainsaw start
Also has the standard steps, for novices, it is easy to
It is easy for novices to flood the cylinder due to improper starting.
(2) chainsaw is much simpler, do not have to buy gasoline, not to mention the proportion of
fuel, a lithium battery will solve the power problem. Start is even more
simple, loaded into the lithium battery, thumb gently press the power, you can
logging operations.
2、Operating method
(1) chainsaw in logging, the noise is relatively large, up to 120 decibels, working
poor working environment; chainsaw is relatively heavy, running vibration, labor intensity,Comparatively large.
(2) Battery chainsaw noise is small, the full load operation for 56 decibels, in the felling of wood does not,Affect the chat; overall weight is lighter, the weight of the machine is less than 3 kg,Vibration is less than a tenth of the chainsaw: - -, using the chainsaw is more relaxed.
3、Maintenance and maintenance
(1) chainsaw failure rate is very low, maintenance and maintenance also only need to clean,The next machine surface can be.
(2) chainsaw is more professional, just focus on the maintenance of parts on the air,filter, spark plug, fuel filter head and many other pieces, not to mention the regular,periodically clean carbon and adjust the carburetor these.

4, environmental protection
This aspect of the chainsaw has the advantage of crushing, not using fuel, zero emissions
emissions, almost to do zero pollution, green environmental protection can be said that it is the label.But at present, chainsaw still has its advantages, low price, power
Large, in recent years will be the dominant. However, all the advantages of chainsaws,Advantages, foreshadowing the era of chainsaws will come.

Chainsaws and Battery Chainsaws which is good to use

Chainsaw Power is relatively large, donkey enough, more durable, but the maintenance of numb
Trouble, chainsaw operation is simple, low noise, but the price is high. If
workload is relatively large, consider chainsaw, if the workload is not
particularly large or home, choose the chainsaw, now there are rechargeable electric
Saw, more with the battery can also meet the demand, but the cost is relatively
High, chainsaw price is cheap and durable.

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