In 1926, the first electric chainsaw that would move to the production line was patented by Andreas Stihl. It was a heavy and bulky model, weighing in at 116 pounds. Troops brought the model to Europe in 1941. Before the end of World War II, all chainsaws were wheeled and had to be carried and used by two people. As aluminium alloys and other forged steel parts were developed, chainsaws began to get lighter and lighter. The chainsaw was also upgraded to a more portable and easy to use gardening tool.

a 8" chainsaw is cutting the tree

To make people's lives more convenient, ASJMREYE was born. The ASJMREYE 8” Electric Chainsaw, a 2.0kg electric pruner designed for serious snipping and minor tree surgery. Also has strong performance and protection measures.

It can cut logs up to 8 inches in diameter, which is admittedly nowhere near log-cabin territory, however it will work great for your garden prune and make light work of thick branches.


Homeowners and landowners want a tool that provides a lot of power. They also want the ability to deploy that power with minimal difficulty. If they need to clear branches from their property after a storm, they want to be able to start their saw and use it right away, even if they haven’t been completely diligent about maintaining it.

For them, ASJMREYE 8" electric chainsaw is the right choice, precisely because of all the qualities that make electric saws so convenient and easy to use:

  • Simple push-button start mechanisms
  • Lightweight and easy-to-carry constructions
  • A motor that runs without the need to refuel
  • Parts that demand little long-term maintenance
  • Quieter than gas power chainsaw, protects your ears

For people who only intend to use their chainsaws seasonally or in the case of emergencies, the low maintenance an electric chainsaw requires is a particularly strong draw. With electric chainsaws, there are no fuel filters to change, no fuel tanks to clean, and no fuel and oil to mix before use. Simply keep the bar oil filled and the chain sharp and tensioned, and you’re good to cut.

Four kinds of chainsaws used in the scene ( garden triming,orchard,firewood cutting,farm purning)


If you need room to roam, cordless battery-powered chainsaws will do the trick. But they often lack the power of a corded chainsaw, further limiting what you can cut. That said, battery life has recently improved with higher voltage batteries.

More expensive! Depends on the quality of its battery.



This ASJMREYE electric chiansaw is bigger and heavier than the 4 inches mini chainsaws, but it is also very easy to carry. At the same time, the power is stronger. Less power than the gas power chainsaw. But also easier to use and carry.

It is a comprehensive and very good chainsaw.

What's more, its package includes 2 x Batteries, 3 Chains and one Package Box. With a replacement battery and chain, you don't have to worry about its range. Also very easy to carry with the box



No matter which chainsaw you choose, it’s always a good idea to wear dependable protective gear. This includes chaps, a protective vest, gloves, eyewear, and, if needed, thermal wear. Make sure you come prepared before doing the job.

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