To Buy A Lift Recliner Chair

Lift recliner chair is popular among the market, which is not only suitable for workers, but also the elderly. We should treat ourselves better as well as our family.

A gift for yourself?

Lift chairs are recliners with the added feature of standing you up. They lift you up as well as recline you back. Of course, it has extra feature. The lift chair is still a fully featured recliner with options like zero-gravity and heated head/lumbar, which can help you enjoy life at ease.

A gift for Mom or Dad?

You can buy the recliner as a present for your family that is fit for their health. If it is going to be a surprise, make sure you know their height and weight, so we can select the right size for their body. In addition, carefully consider the other pieces in their living room or bedroom, where the chair is going. This is a piece of furniture, after all, so let’s make sure it fits in.

What are you buying?

A good-quality lift recliner from a full-service business. We will service the chair if anything goes wrong. We can also deliver the chair for free to your home, or your parents’ home. There is a comprehensive warranty offered lift recliner chairs.

Different from the traditional one, the Asjmreye infinite power lift recliner is powered by two OKIN dual motors that can operate independently to provide an infinite range of positioning options. It can push the entire chair up to help seniors to stand up easily, and it’s ideal for people who have leg/back problems or people who are after surgery. In addition, the backrest and the footrest can be seperately operated from 90° to 180°. So you can recline to almost level or any degree above that (with or without raising the footrest), and the seat lift―which can be raised and lowered to any desired degree―is an outstanding feature. Extending the footrest and reclining feature allow you to fully stretch and relax, like reading, sleeping, watching TV and so on.

The Asjmreye luxury power lift recliner is made of microfiber leather which is soft, breathable and wear resistant. The backrest, seat cushion and armrests are filled with high-density sponge, which provides you ultimate comfort and support, just like the whole body is wrapped up in chair. The microfiber leather is soft to the touch, durable, which is functional for optimal comfort. It has backup to support you.

The Asjmreye 3-position power lift recliner chair with massage and lumbar heat has been rated front row by customers. Designed perfect for 5'1"-5'9" users, it features a deep, wide seat and comes standard with a heavy-duty steel base. The German okin motor will control the recliner lift and recline, helping you stand up or recline easily. It can use the 3 in 1 controller to activate optional heat and massage with 5 modes.

How can you contact us?

We are here 5 pm to 2 am, PST , Monday through Friday. Call ahead (213) 933 4058 if you want a head’s up on what is available. Or send us an email and we can answer what you want to know about.

Shop early for the best selection. 


Paralee Gunsaullus

Paralee Gunsaullus

How is a chair designed for 5’ to 6’+few inches have a comfo7seat for a 5’ 1" person when they sit down? I can’t see that my booty would reach the back of the chair with my knees bent at suitable place and feet touching the floor.
Is the seat comfortable? My mother had one and she wouldn’t use it as she said seat was uncomfortable due to lifting motor, gears or whatever. Sorry, but need to know before purchasing. Especially since no store to be able to try them out.



Thanks for reaching out! We hope that the disabled or the elderly could have chance to afford the useful recliner. Our infinite position recliner is suitable for people whose height from 5’ to 6’2’’. Its weight capacity is 350 lbs, and its seat width is 24’’. If you want to get more infomation about them, you can see them on our website:

Robert Ricer

Robert Ricer

I am 6ft 2in. Tall. My old recliner back is 28in. Tall. Will the infinity chair fit me? I weigh 187lbs. I love the chair . Thanks, Bob Ricer

Margie Felix Stern

Margie Felix Stern

Hello Special company

I’m concerned that you may not have received my message regarding your Disabled Mission & fantastic lift recliner chairs with cup holders… I was hoping that perhaps you could make the chair in a burgundy fabric.

. Thank you for allowing me to feel okay about asking this question. My family was in the furniture manufacturing business…

Your Mission of helping the disabled could help me so much having been a businesswoman all of my life
I am sadly relegated to a wheelchair and of course your chair…. I would be blessed if I could live in your chair.
.. I did marketing and sales for my father Harold Felix…. As a volunteer, I was one of the first Handicapped Law Compliance Officers after the laws came about.I never thought I would be so physically challenged… After so many years of working on behalf of folks with disabilities.
I’m so lucky I had learned so much and by time of working on behalf of the disabled… I was even nominated as a Commissioner on of Disabilities by the office of Mayor Reardon and the National Association of Women Business Owners, 1994 Los Angeles

I was very proud of my Fathers product as I’m certain you are of yours.. I wish you super super success in your endeavors and THANK YOU for being there and helping the disabled world with your affordable product.

Great blessings to you all!
Thank you so much, Margie
310 722 222253❤️


Margie Felix Stern

Margie Felix Stern

thank you for being there I hope you have a positive answer to my question it would be lovely.

.. I could spend the rest of my days in your chair…
Lovingly Margie



What is the width of the inside of sitting area? I want to know how much thigh room is in the recliner

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