6 Inch Cordless Hand-Held Mini Black Electric Chainsaw Rechargeable Portable -Spare Battery

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🔥Main Features

⚡Wireless binding: easy outdoor cutting

⚡Electric pruning saw: add upper baffle, increase the safety factor

⚡Strong magnet motor:1200W, powerful power, long service life

⚡Handle design: comfortable grip, in line with human body design

⚡Lithium battery power: say goodbye to the trouble of finding a power supply

⚡Easy to use: no need to disassemble, turn the screw to adjust the chain tightness


6-inch handheld chainsaw and corresponding accessory set

⚡High-quality guide chain: sharp wear-resistant, deep quenching more wear-resistant, cutting smooth

⚡Step-less speed change switch: humanized switch design, adjust cutting speed according to pressure

⚡Efficient heat dissipation: the design of multiple exhaust outlets on the fuselage can effectively prevent burning

⚡Lightweight fuselage: light and portable, one-handed operation, comfortable to hold, not tired to hold for a long time


Installation steps for 6-inch handheld chainsaw

⚡Safety protection baffle: comprehensive protection, rest assured cutting to prevent spark sawdust and other spatter

⚡Four intelligent protection functions: over-current protection, over-voltage protection, overheating protection, charging and discharging protection, high heat automatic power off

6 inch mini chainsaw



Plug(Option):  US Plug

Color(Option): Black

Voltage: 21V

Power: 1200W

Battery Type: 24V

Chain: quick adjustment

Recharging Current: 0.8A 2A

Cutting Diameter Max: 100mm

Motor Drive: Strong magnet motor

Package Weight: About 1200g

Charging Input Voltage: 100-240V AC 50-60HZ

Power Supply Suitable Model: 18V-21V Battery


the 6-inch handheld chainsaw size


🔥Package Contents

1 * Host

1 * Chain

1 * Baffle

2 * Battery

1 * Guide Plate

1 * English User Manual

1 Set Installation Tools


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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Kenneth Kolb

Where do I get a spare battery and chain for the saw? Thank 6

O. F. Mckinney

Bought this for my wife and she really likes it. After Hurricane Sally we had a lot of branches in the yard. This mini chain saw was handy and we didn't have to unroll a long extension cord.

Carol E

This is a truly excellent hand-held chainsaw. I have a lot of trees in my yard and beyond and pruning them is a walk in the park!


I have finally gotten tired of sawing branches or wood that is around an inch or two thick by hand. The cutting is mainly for doing my crafts instead of using it for pruning trees in the yard.. I have so far only used it once and it worked pretty well. I like the safety features that one cannot have the chainsaw in position for action while charging it


Easy to Use Electronic Chainsaw