36VF Cordless Electric Pruning Shears Scissors 30mm 1/2 Battery


Style: One Battery
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1. Cordless rechargeable pruning shears for cutting and trimming branches in fruit orchards, vineyards.
2. Sharp blade, made of steel, durable. 
3. Max 30mm cutting.
4. 15000mah large capacity rechargeable lithium battery for cordless use.
5. Ergonimic, anti-slip and comfortable handle.
6. Low noise, good fatigue resistance.
7. Flexible in use,easy to turn, safe and reliable, easy to maintain, convenient to replace battery and operate.
8. The pruning quality can meet the requirements of horticulture.

Note: Lubricating oil is not included. You can but in the local store for smoother operation.
Main materials: PVC, Metal
Color: Black
Size: 27x21cm/10.6x8.3inch
Torque: 125N.M
Speed: 1600r/min
Battery Capacity: 15000mah/2x15000mah
Charging Voltage: 110-240V 50/60Hz
Charging Time: 3h
Working Time: 8h
Rated Power: 220W
Cuttable Diameter: Max 30mm
Working Temperature: -10℃~60℃

Package Included:
1 X Pruning Shears
1 or 2 X Battery (optional)
1 X Accessory Kit
1 X Package Box

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Elizabeth S. Wood
Quality Pruner and Time Saver

It arrived very well packaged...no dents or tears in the package. It is quite hefty, and quite complete, with two batteries, a wrench and an extra blade,, plus a little bottle of oil for lubrication. I plan on taking on my ride on mower with me, so when I come across a low hanging branch, I can cut it right off, rather than coming back with the proper tool to do the job. I am going to keep it stored in the box for safety and security. The batteries will always be charged, so I will be ready to go, even at the slightest twig! Used it fir the first time, yesterday. Had to read instructions to find you had to "double click" the trigger to get it to start. Cuts really fast and thoroughly. Did a lot of cutting and still have a full charge. Not too sure about the safety and finger-thing. I am not even going to test that. Be careful. It is very strong! Love it!

Good purchase

I do lots of varied pruning on a large property. I met a guy who has a professional set of power pruners with a separate battery pack. That's how I found out such a thing existed. I thought I would try these out.
Smart purchase. These are very comfortable in the hand. Not heavy or cumbersome. They will cut right through anything you put between the blades.
If you're cutting/ pruning bushes, these are a hand saver. You can just go and go without your hands getting sore from continually squeezing through larger stalks. Definitely worth the money.

seems to be as advertised.

When I first received this product I found that I had been shipped the wrong item. However, the vendor did work with me on that and they got the correct item shipped to me reasonably quickly.

The pruner seems to be as advertised. I��ve only used it a few times, but seems to work as described. Also, the blade is quite sharp, and cuts easily.

No kidding, changed my life!

I have had multiple shoulder and hand surgeries and spine surgery, so my days of using loppers or hand pruners were over - but, the buckthorn keeps growing, our chain link fence had disappeared into it, arrgh. Couldn't find any landscaping company will to do the work, got depressed. So, I thought, well, there must be a toolwow! It is pricey, yes, but OMG it works so well! Lightweight and easy to maneuver (a big plus when trying to cut buckthorn that has wound into and around the chain link fence). It CUTS thru everything, so easily! Even branches that were over 1 inch diameter! Comes with 2 batteries, they charge quickly, and I used the 1st one for 9+ hours - before it started to slow down a little. I feel so much happier now - my chain link fence has been unearthed, and I know I can use these shears on anything! Be careful though - it is powerful and sharp. LOVE this product, hope it lasts forever.

Laura Dalton
Wow! Wow! Wow!

I like to chop stuff up and leave it where it falls. You can put a 1 inch apple tree branch in this tool and whack it up into little three inch pieces as fast as you can move the branch and pull the trigger. As I had just received it yesterday, I wanted to really put it through its paces while it was fresh. I own ten acres so there is plenty to prune. I tried to wear out a battery and must have made thousands of cuts in two hours. The tool was still working fine when I had to stop for a break. The tool was barely warm. It will cut 1 inch English Ivy stems at the base of a tree by just putting one tip on the stem and pulling the trigger. No need to pull the vine off the tree and if you move it an inch and pull the trigger again the little piece will fall off the tree.

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