ASJMREYE 8 Inch Cordless Chainsaw 1200W 188F Lithium Battery Charger Portable Rechargeable 2 Batteries 13000Mha Mini Woodworking Saw

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Practical, fast speed, low power consumption.

Fine quality guide plate chain, deep quenching, more wear-resistant, smooth cutting.

Rechargeable electric chain saw light and portable, long battery life, no damage to the bark.

8 inch electric chainsaw

This 8-inch mini chainsaw has a non-slip handle, is ergonomically designed. Lightweight body. Can be used with one hand, long time use will not be tired.

The intelligent circuit control board, overload protection, meet your different construction needs.

Sharp & Strong Chain: Made of high-quality carbon steel alloy chain, wear-resistant and durable, fast and smooth sawing without jamming.

Wide Application: This electric chainsaw has a wide range of uses, can be used for Forest cutting, cutting wood, pruning branches, and so on.

8 inch mini electric chainsaw sawing wood

Brushless Copper Motor: Strong power & Longer service life. More output stable than the chain saw modified by the angle grinder. High load so that can not easy to burn.

8 inch chainsaw brushless motor

Portable Design: 

Soft rubber handle, anti-skid, and sweat-absorbing

Widen baffle design, to prevent wood chips from splashing during cutting

Heat dissipation hole design, efficient ventilation, and heat dissipation

Comes with an oil can, will automatically oil the chain

8 inch mini chainsaw details

Parameter information:

Power Source: Battery
Certification: CE/FDA
Saw Type: Chain saw, Battery Saw
Weight: 2kg
Rated Voltage: 48V/188F(Pure copper motor)
Wattage: 1000-1299W
Usage: Home DIY
Application: Wood Saw
Dimensions: 40x32x10cm
Rated Input Power: 1200W(Pure copper motor)
Max. Cutting Width: 8 Inch
Model Number: Electric Chain Saw

Package  Included:

3 x Electric Chains
2 x Batteries
1 x Charger
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Wrench
1 x User Manual
1 x Paper Box


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Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
yujiao ye

Small machine, great use, worth recommending

Kara Stucki
Impressed my gas-powered chainsaw friends

This chainsaw went way above my expectations. I'm a female and needed something lightweight to do some small branch cutting. Took it on a trial run with my boyfriend who typically uses his gas powered. He was impressed and ended up using my ASJMREYE.
It's not too heavy for me. Used a 20V 5amp battery. We used is over an hour, cut a basket full of small kindling and as a test cut down a large 14inch diameter tree. Good job Dewalt!

Dale V Weseman
Great little chainsaw

I was skeptical that an electric chainsaw would be useful -- or would even WORK. I ordered this product 1/2 expecting to be disappointed. In brief, I was wrong.

I've used it to cut up trees of up to roughly 9" in diameter, hmmm, maybe 10"? It has plenty of power and the chips just fly onto the ground. Big ones. I think the chain is a bit thinner than that of a typical gas saw -- less resistance in cutting. When they're done, I'm done! There are three main things I like about this: (1) It is quiet; (2) when I am doing something else or want to take a short break it's OFF; and (3) it is light weight. I do not feel a need to use ear protectors with the ASJMREYE. I sure do with my Stihl! Actually, if I have a choice as to whether to use the Stihl or the ASJMREYE the ASJMREYE wins every time. Of course, one must remember this is not a "lumberjack saw!"

This is a product I've actually used and this is not one of those five-star "I just opened it and it looks pretty; received on time; I love it" reviews. I leave very few 5 star reviews but I have to say this one is worth it.

Great saw!

Took my new 12in. battery operated chain saw out recently and I was very surprised at how easy it was to start it. No more pulling on a gas pull string to start a chain saw that has been sitting in the garage for months. As for functionality I have 8-14 in. dia. dead trees that needed to be taken down. I got a crazy price from a tree Service. Cheaper to buy the chain saw. The chain saw made short work of these trees. I used battery and when finished still had plenty of battery life. Next use will be for pruning trees. glad the chain saw is light and easy to start.

Best electric chainsaw I have ever used

Wow, what a great little saw. It out-performs any AC powered chainsaw that I can recall using. Only gas powered saws have performed better for me. Keep in mind this is for small jobs, not felling big trees. Battery life is pretty good. Having a second battery would help ensure that you can keep going while the other battery is charging. It does love bar and chain oil, so you'll want to have plenty of that if you're doing a lot of work. So far, I'm really happy with this tool.