155 AMP Inverter Mig/Stick Arc Welder With Dual Voltage 220V/110V Welding Machine

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welding machine

★The New Mig 155 GD is perhaps the most capable and versatile MIG welder in its class. Equipped with features designed to meet even the most demanding welding jobs while not breaking the bank. The 155 GD can perform MIG, flux core and DC stick welding as well as the ability to adapt scratch TIG with the optional TIG torch available through our website.

★This latest version of our economy minded 155 amp MIG welder now includes the ability to remove the torch cable and replace it with our aluminum spool gun. After inserting the spool gun a simple flick of the switch inside the welders drive roller housing enables spool gun operation.

welding machine★The MIG155GD can run .023, .030, and .035 MIG and flux cord wire. No need to disconnect electrical terminals change polarities. With the Mig 155 GD changing polarity is as simple as swapping the dongle cable from plus to minus dinse connector right on the front of the machine.

★Packaged with multiple drive rollers, both smooth and knurled for flux core welding, a reel of flux core wire, and a gas regulator for MIG welding, along with a stick welding electrode stinger, the MIG155GD is ready to handle most any DC welding needs. Portable, capable and versatile, still with the ability to run 120V as well as 240V this little powerhouse is tough to beat. welding machine
★Compact – portable – very capable quality welder that can run on either 110/115 or 220/230 volts which makes this a true workhorse with a completely portable footprint. Comes complete as pictured; ready for you to start welding. 
Working voltage: 115V/230±15%; 30 to 155 Amp welding range; In MMA mode, this welder can be used as a very nice scratch arc TIG welder with optional accessories.

★Comfortably welds up to 1/4 in. mild steel that is properly prepared using 220 volt input, in both MIG, flux-cored and stick welding. Feeds wire at 78 in. to 396 in. per minute and has infinitely adjustable wire speed and heat settings. This welder does not use tapped controls that are found in cheaper machines!

★This model uses an advanced compact IGBT inverter design with automatic overheat and over current welding protection.

★The model 155 incorporates 2T/4T modes. 4T is useful if you have a long weld to do, as it saves you having to hold the trigger down the whole time. Great feature for out of position welding.

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Package included

 1x Ming 155 Welding Machine

1x Mig Torch Cable

1x  AAluminum Spool Gun 


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The Little Welder That Could

I bought this welder, because I‘’m getting ready to take a welding class and wanted something that had multi-process capabilities and would break the bank. So far, I‘’ve welded FCAW and SMAW, and have no complaints about either. One negative that I have, is the buttons. While the instructions mentions what the button is, is doesn‘’t say what the button does. The only applies to the 2T/4T button and I has no clue what it meant and had to look it up.

Johnny Stewart
No threads on mug torch end.

The welder is very easy to use. Use care to remove the nozzle.Always turn it right with a slight tension to pull it off. Turn right to push it back on.

Brandon F.
The little welder that could, and does.

I‘’ve been welding for about 9 years now, I‘’ve used everything from high dollar multiprocess Miller welders, to spoolgun wire feeds from the 80‘’s. I‘’m VERY impressed by this little machine. Dual voltage is very nice and easy to use, I‘’ve ran it on 240v and 120v now both work well. Currently running a 75/25 mix of Argon CO2 with ER70S-6 wire. It runs smoothly, only issue I had was getting the roller tension set initially, it would barely feed and then take off on me randomly until I I got it dialed in.

Easy to set up and use

This has been working well for me now. I bought a wire spool online and it was awful. The sticker kept gumming up. I bought a cheap spool at HF and the welder has been working great. Half way through and no feed issues. I‘’ve been working off 120v welding 1/8 square tube and angle iron. Great penetration when I take my time and go at the right pace. I haven‘’t used the stick or with gas yet. I‘’ll need to get a new gun hose to use gas since I got it caught under my table an ripped a hole in it. Lesson learned.

Joe L
Good welder for the money.

So far I am more than impressed with this welder for what I use it for. It has done everything I have asked of it. Even set it up on 220v stick mode and ran some 7018 3/32" rod with no issues. Very happy with it. I have not however ran it on 110/120v except to tack pieces together so not sure how it would do on strictly 110/120v. I'm sure on thinner material it would be fine.

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