3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower, Leaf Vacuum, Mulcher

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  • 3IN1 DESIGN – Easily converts into a corded leaf blower, leaf vacuum, or mulcher for versatile use.
  • POWERFUL AIRSPEED AND AIRFLOW – Air speeds up to 250 mph and airflow up to 400 cfm deliver the power you need for quick, effective cleaning.
  • BACKPACK STYLE – Easy-to-wear backpack with up to 2x the bag capacity allows for hands-free operation.
  • POWER BOOST – More power at the push of a button.
  • FLEXI-TUBE – Allow for enhanced maneuverability when vacuuming leaves and debris.
  • REUSABLE BAG – Zipper-free, roll-and-clip bag has a wide opening for quick emptying.
  • ELECTRIC – Corded design offers unlimited runtime for even the biggest jobs.
3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower, Leaf Vacuum




1 X Blowing Machines
1 X Blow tube
1 X Vac tube
1 X Backpack bag.

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Effective and easy to use.

So far so good, I'm impressed. I have only used the vacuum/mulch function but it was very impressive and I abused this thing for several hours. I'm not sure how people are having issues with the bag, it was pretty straight forward and very easy to use. I folded it 4 times but other users seem fine at 2-3 folds.
I did have to clean the blade housing twice but I was sucking up some nasty wet partially decomposed globs of leaves. When I stuck to normal drier leaves it never clogged up. I was pleasantly surprised at the capacity of the bag. It held enough to nearly fill a standard brown yard waste bag.
Disconnecting the fan assembly could be a bit hard but just stick anything reasonable in the slot and it should open up. It worked for me with a Phillips screwdriver.
Disconnecting the hose was probably the most difficult part but nothing is perfect. By the end of my maiden voyage with this thing I learned to set it down with the hose pointing up and use my foot to hold the blower down while pulling the hose off. Probably not the best way to do it but it worked.

If I haven't updated this review then consider it to still be working. If it breaks I will certainly be back.

Good Blower and Vacuum

I received earlier than delivery date, which is great because I plan to use it this weekend. The box came in original packaging with description and contents. The quick assembly guide to use the vacuum was vague. How you assemble it requires to remove the fan cover. To remove the cover, all you do is place screwdriver into the hole and push screwdriver inside against the square, black button (you cannot recognize this is a button until it comes apart) that will, in turn, release the cover. Do not turn the screwdriver or anything, that will break the cover housing, just push in until the cover releases from the housing.

Excellent leaf vacuum!

Have yet to try out the blower function, but I live in a townhouse with decent sized front and back patios which get covered in leaves. I got tired of sweeping the leaves into piles every few days and picking them up - the vacuum function works like a charm and turned what used to be a frustrating chore into a quick, leisurely stroll around the perimeters. It takes me about 2 minutes to suck up all the leaves and does well picking up wet leaves from concrete after the rain and even the small pieces of dried, broken up leaves - it has a lot of suction power! The only extra thing you'll need is a decently sized outdoor extension cord. I highly recommend this if you're looking specifically for a leaf vacuum.

Great tool for leaf cleaning

The main purpose for me to buy this is for leaf picking; I do not care about the blower function at all (I have a stand-alone blower for the job), all I want is an efficient leaf vacuum that could save my back from doing the old school bagging process. It has a clever wearable backpack design and the suction power really get the job done right. The mulched leaves can go to the backyards and really do not have to bag them. It is not perfect but this really does the job for leaves cleaning.

One step at a time
I like it...Recommend it!!

It has good suction power, I use high much more than low. I like the bag, it's like wearing a backpack (duffle bag) it holds a lot of leaves so you aren't having to empty that often. The blower works well also two speeds. Just have to get use to the assembly and disassembly of the components depending on what you need to do. Instructions are good overall but you do need to read them so you can properly close off the end of the bag (it's easy) etc.

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