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asjmreye mini chainsaw

🔥🔥This is the future of outdoor adventure and yardwork. We've turned a traditional bulky chainsaw and a corded electric chainsaw into a small, lightweight, easy-to-operate, safe, and efficient home mini chainsaw. It's perfect for those who are tired of heavy power tools or tired of bending over long hours to work.

☑ Pure copper motor: the pure copper motor is more durable and eco-friendly. It can increase 20% of the power rate and decrease 35% of the power dissipation. Make your cutting faster.
☑ Super high-performance battery:: using pure German-made power battery chip, a single battery’s duration can be up to 240 minutes.
☑ Burst steel chain: fire-steeled bar manufactured into a chain. The chain’s durable cutting wear resistance can be up to 90%. 
☑ Safety switch: This cordless chainsaw is added with a safety lock and safety stopper to ensure safety. And the motor adopts overheating and high-temperature protection mechanism. Heat dissipation is accelerated.
☑ Working condition: cut tree branches normally. The most advanced speed is up to 13000 PRM. It weighs only 2.6 lbs. Perfect for single-handed.

ASJMREYE Handheld Chainsaw


Highly Efficient Cutting - ASJMREYE Mini chainsaws take about 4 seconds to cut a log with a diameter of 3-4 inches. Cuts wood 1.5 times faster than other brands of 4" chainsaws

One Hand Using - This mini chainsaw weighs just about 0.7kg and the total length is only 33 cm (13 inches).  One hand can easily use this cute chainsaw.

4 inch chainsaw cutting wood

More Strong Power Made of pure copper 13000RPM motor, provides longer working time, more torque, and more power. Completing jobs effectively and quietly.

Fast Heat Dissipation - Chainsaw body adopts heat dissipation design, which can effectively reduce motor temperature and prolong motor life. The motor also has an Overheat Protection function. When used for too long, it will be automatically interrupted. Need to rest for a while and then turn it on again. Safety is the most important

4 inch chainsaw pure copper motor

Ergonomics Design - This handheld chainsaw has a non-slip handle, is ergonomically designed, and is easy to operate.

⭐Rechargeable Battery - The Mini Chainsaw comes with a 24V 3000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. After being fully charged (d), the electric cordless chainsaw can be used for 2-3 hours. Compared with the ordinary mini chainsaw, ASJMREYE Mini Battery Chainsaws have a larger battery capacity and a more efficient energy conversion motor

4 Inch Mini Electric Chainsaw 980w Battery

Easy Install & Operate - The mini handheld chainsaw has been installed. You just need to adjust the chain tightness and buckle the battery. Then you can use it easily

4 inch chainsaw installation


☑ 1 x ASJMREYE Chainsaw
☑ 2 x 24V Lithium-ion Battery
☑ 3 x Superdurable Chains
☑ 1 x Accessories Kit
☑ 1 x Battery Charger
☑ 1 x English Manual
☑ 1 x Storage Box


The Perfect Addition To Your Household Tools Category! Help you get rid of branches, cut down trees, and clear debris in minutes! Shop Now Free Shipping & No Tax!

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great saw for small to medium sized jobs!

I would say this is without a doubt the best tool product I have ever purchased! This "kit" contains everything a person needs to clear brush/weeds in and around the yard, which is a key that our store values so much, and that point directly determines whether or not we can make a good sale!

Hannah Rodriguez
So handy and useful

We wanted a chainsaw that could be landscaped. Many of our customers say they have a nasty dead tree stump/clump that needs to be cleaned up, but don't have the right tools to do it. This handheld chainsaw was perfect. I opened the box thinking I would have to charge the battery, but it worked right away and had plenty of battery life for the whole project. I am very satisfied.

Tony Leung
Well build little chainsaw good battery life

This chainsaw is super light and easy to use, making it perfect for landscaping and lawn care. Can recommend it to my customers.

A little power machine!

There are clear instructions that allow those who know nothing about chainsaws to put it together well and use it safely. Highly recommended!!! Great product !!!!

Nice Small Handheld Cutter!

I often hear women discussing to cutting off all those little branches in their yards and I wanted to give her this tool because it is light and not heavy. Because she loves to cut branches! If you have a small project, I think this tool is a very good choice.

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