ASJMREYE 16" Electric Chainsaw, Corded, 7280W

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The ASJMREYE Max features a cutting speed up to 13 m/s and its idling speed is 7000 rpm. Includes a powerful motor with a 16-inch sprocket-tipped bar, allowing to cut through branches and wood with ease.

16 inch chainsaw placed on a large piece of wood

The long and comfortable grip provides sufficient cushioning force to reduce shock. The total weight of the chain saw is only 3KG, which is easy for users to carry.

7280W 16 inches chainsaw is cutting 60CM wood
The powerful motor can cut through branches and wood with ease
Automatic oil lubrication can keep the proper lubricant on the chain for continuous cutting
The comfortable grip provides sufficient cushioning force to reduce shock
The Auxiliary handle in the middle part is more convenient for users to grasp and force
ASJMREYE 16" Electric Chainsaw, Corded

Large sawdust design for fast chip removal to operate smoother
The brake can stop running quickly
A sheath to wrap the blade for safety
Baffle and switch-on safety lock keep safe

ASJMREYE 16" Electric Chainsaw, Corded

Total weight is only 3KG for easy carry
Side-mounted chain tension system allows for quick adjust the chain
Wire plugs are UL certified and the whole product is ETL certified for your safety

ASJMREYE 16" Electric Chainsaw, Corded


Color: Orange + Red+Black
Materials: Plastic + Metal + Nylon
Net Weight: 3kg
Overall Dimension: 33.5’’(L) X 10’’(W) X 8’’(H)
Cutting Length: 16’ ’
Idling Speed: 7000 rpm
Cutting Speed: 13 m/s
Voltage: 110 V / 60 HZ-220V
rated power:7280W

ASJMREYE 16" Electric Chainsaw, Corded

Package includes:

1 X16 inch Electric Chain Saw
1 X Instruction
1 X A multifunctional toolbox
1 X Tool accessories


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It ripped through 6 inch oak branches like they were nothing. Probably could cut through thicker ...

My first chainsaw and I love it! I used to pay my gardener hundreds of dollars to trim my oak trees. Instructions to attach the chain was fairly simple. Then add some chainsaw oil and then I was off cutting down branches. Some branches were as thick as 6 inches. But in my opinion I think it would have handled thicker/wider branches than that. Cut through oak like butter! I cut enough oak branches to fill up 10 outdoor garbage cans (32 gallon variety). Even after all that, the oil level was still nearly full.

Gas vs Electric, convenience or power

My project was nine cedar trees with relatively small diameter trunks, about 14 inches, approximately 45 - 55 feet high. Although Cedar is a soft wood, this saw ate right through with no hesitation. So far I have taken down about five and this saw keeps going, definitely not a toy. My only objection is the saw's weight and balance. One handed operation can be both cumbersome and dangerous as your grip is so tight you cannot easily release the on-off button. Other than this one minor issue that is probably similar to other saws as well, both gas and electric. Storage is simple, unplug and put it on the shelf. If storage is a concern, you can remove the chain-bar with a few turns of the housing key and fit this into a small space. For around the house, this saw offers power, convenience and less noise (and pollution) of a gas model. If you're used to a gas model, I would urge you to try this saw. Quite satisfied with my purchase.

Good chain saw for around the house use, excellent design for adjusting chain tension quickly wit...

A windstorm brought down an 24" Ponderosa pine outside my cabin. A good chance to try out my new chainsaw. Assembly was quick and easy, filled with oil, and went to work. With a brand new sharp chain, I was able to cut rounds quite easily for next year's firewood! Well balanced, an easily handled weight, good power.

As with any new chain, it required frequent retightening as it stretched. That is where I discovered the neatest design feature -- the chain can be adjusted in seconds without any tools and without taking your gloves off! Simply loosen that big screw, turn a large adjusting wheel, and then tighten the screw.


Great for light duty trimming, without the mess of mixing oil and gas and adjusting carbeurators. I bought this thing for less than $100, including shipping. It worked great. I did the job myself in an hour. AND I get to keep the saw in case I ever need it again.

A nice brake from the Large Saws.

very very nice little elect. chin saw. I have cut 3 cords of pine and ash tree limb wood up to 10 in" with no problem. I really like the ease of chain Adjustment and take down. Using my Generator makes it easy to go to cutting site. I have never over heated it, I don't push hard on it.

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