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🛌【Easy & Adequate Features】Switch to your favorite position with one click, zero-G, anti-snore, flat, or customized memory mode. The backlit wireless remote with separate head and foot elevation options make it even easier to control in the dark.

🛌【Customizable Leg Height】Three choices of leg height of 5, 7, and 12 inches. Suit your various needs of bed height and easily fit into different bed frames, your decor style won't be comprised.

🛌【Multi-functional Design Advanced under-bed light design keeps you safe when you wake up in the dark. 3 intensity independent head and foot massage modes so you can relax, decompress and soothe your body. With USB ports on both sides

🛌【Mattresses Friendly】Accommodated with most mattresses, memory foam, latex foam, innerspring, hybrid mattresses, or air mattresses. Recommended thickness is 6-12 inches.

🛌【Assembly Friendly】Follow the step-by-step installation guide in the user manual, your bed will be ready within 15 minutes.

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Great and easily assembled by one person!!

When I began to have some major health problems along with swelling in my legs & feet, I began saving money because I wanted to buy myself a nice Queen size adjustable bed rather than use the puny hospital bed insurance provided. However shortly before I was able to buy the nice thick mattress & adjustable frame I was saving for (one with lights underneath, side USB ports & a massager) I was robbed of the money I had saved. Since I knew it would take a while to save that much again & I was having constant pain in my feet I decided to get this ASJMREYE Base & Mattress combination to use temporarily in order to elevate my feet while I saved again.
I admit - I was broken-hearted & cried while ordering this bed (without all the bells & whistles I wanted it to have) so when it came quicker than expected & was so easy to set up it made me quite happy BUT when the sheets & blankets were put on it & I got in I CRIed AGAIN! … but I cried this time because it was SO comfortable & almost $1000 cheaper!
Admittedly- I added a thick mattress cover for extra padding & now I need a topper or something for even more padding because a 8” mattress is mighty thin but everyone has been amazed at just how comfortable it was to be so thin!

Fair price and does the job

Got this for my grandma. She is not able to lay flat so she was sleeping in an adjustable chair. Got this bed/matress and she's been able to sleep in a bed finally. She says the mattress isn't her favorite as she likes them more firm but all in all a good choice, especially for the price. Super easy set-up, grandma was able to learn the bed controls rather quickly as well.

Definitely helped with back pain

It was easy to assemble. I was unable to lay flat or get out of bed without excrutiating pain due to blown discs. This frame was a game changer. I can finally sleep without pain and get up reality easy.

Great value for adjustable bed.

My husband has struggled with neck and back pain and headaches for years. We’ve tried several different mattresses before landing on this adjustable base which we paired with a hybrid mattress. We’ve had them for a week and his back/neck pain is gone as are his headaches. We used to wake up early because laying in bed made the pain worse, now we have trouble waking up in time because this is so comfortable.

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