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✔SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE! Much lower working temperature than the vast majority of comparable products (728 deg F / 387 deg C) lets you repair & fabricate a far greater range of aluminum and other non-ferrous metal parts ... it's never been easier!

✔ GETS THE JOB DONE!No need for expensive training or equipment provides you the ability to use this easily whether your a novice or a pro - Easily!

✔ DEPENDABLE! Make clean joints with no slag enables you to create a strong quality finish on all projects just like the pros do * NO-NONSENSE! 39,000 psi tensile strength & 60,000 - 75,000 psi compression strength delivers the key to make your repair or fabrication stronger than the parent metal every time - Fast

✔ BREAKTHROUGH! NO FLUX! Works with aluminum, aluminum alloy, die-cast, bronze, nickel, titanium, zinc, copper, brass, & most non-ferrous (non-magnetic) metals (does not work with steel except for galvanized steel) lets you apply quickly & easily with any handheld torch – Oxyacetylene, Mapp, Map/Pro or Propane like the best metalwork enthusiasts do.

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Size A: 10x Welding Rods 

Size B: 20x Welding Rods 

Size C: 30x Welding Rods 

Size D: 50x Welding Rods 

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Kristine Michelle Battistone
Performed as advertised

I took advantage of the rod offer to examine. The rods performed as advertised as long as the included instructions are followed. These rods are non-flux coated so your surface needs to be free of impurities. and heat control is important. I tried them on aluminum refrigerant lines and they worked great. I am going to buy more when my supply gets low.

Boss Tom
Clean metal and patients

Tried it and not bad if you know how to weld then you know how to use this. It takes time to heat up your metal be for applying this to it but you have to be patient. Tried it and this is what it looks like easy to use and worth the money. I’m a welder it’s my full time job and well decided to give this a shot. Very small projects and this was my result.

Nick Solino
Works great.

These do work as advertised but you have to follow the instructions. Like so many other things, success depends on preparation. Cleaning the area to be braised/welded with a stainless steel wire brush, both before and during heating is key to making this work properly. This was my first time using these rods and although I did not do any practice pieces first, I was able to make an aluminum boat trailer repair quickly and easily. Use a quality torch setup as well.

You don't need to own a welder.

All you need to do is, Follow the Instructions. This was so simple that even I got it right on the first try!

Worked great for me

I noticed a few bad reviews out , and find it a bit hard to believe.
Follow the directions and you shouldn't have a problem. Th a most important thing to remember is prep, make sure the surface is clean.
Your not using any flux, so make sure it is clean, and don't forget to clean the rod. And remember what the surface not the rod.
This rod worked great for me. I think I will keep some in stock.
And remember folks, practice makes perfect.

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