ASJMREYE Anti Fog Up True Color Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet


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*Great For TIG MIG MMA, Plasma Applications with Grinding Feature
*Better clarity, True color view - 1/1/1/2 Optical Clarity
*Increased battery life
*Superior comfort with the pivot style headgear

Better Clarity, Real Color View
Now you can make a good view even better. Upgrading the welding helmet with True Color technology preserves the existing 1-1-1-2 optical clarity rating,improves visibility by reducing the lime green tint.

Wide-Screen View

True Color technology enables you to not only see better, but also see more.
The large viewing area with (DIN5,non auto-darkening) SIDE VIEW gives you a full range of vision in relation to the welding area, which enhances operator control

Technical Details


Mode toggle switch to set "Weld,Cut or Grind" mode. When "Grind" mode is set the lens will not respond to any arc. THIS MODE IS FOR GRINDING ONLY. Set back to "Weld or Cut " as soon as finished Grinding to avoid accidental flash.
When mode toggle switch on "Cut", The "Shade" dial then have the range "5-9"
When mode toggle switch on "Weld", The "Shade" dial then have the range "9-13"

Comfortable Headgear

Headgear with oversized comfort cushion provides extensive adjustability,

settings, and improved support for better fit and comfort.

Consistent Protection

UV/IR Protection: Shade 16

The passive UV/IR filter works continuously and independently, providing consistent performance with or without power.

Cheater lens available

Cheater lens (2" x 4.25") compatible

Product Detailed

Package included

1x Welding Helmet

1x Batteries

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Customer Reviews

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S. D. Winter

Just what I was expecting ! Awesome helmet
Very fast shipping, came with two extra clear lenses for the helmet .

jose rivera
Quality and Value!

Comfortable,wide eyed view,light,and a great value considered there are so many to choose from. Been welding for 40 years! When my old favorite welding helmet went to be with Jesus it was time to shop. My only problem with it was the batteries were dead and I had to buy new ones. Works great!

Nicolaus Fairweatherpunk
Much better than expected!!

I've been welding for the better part of two decades so when it was time to look for a new helmet, I wasn't ready for what I choose.
I saw the video and thought, It would be nice to be able to have a better field of view and peripheral vision.
I got my helmet and proceeded to remove the plastic and put it all back together. When I put the helmet on to adjust the head piece I was amazed at how much more I could see and how big the main shield view was. The true to color was also amazing to me because I've always had the green screen. It also surprised me with how light it was on me, much lighter that my current helmet. I have a few more things to do to this helmet, as I like to customize it, so I'll follow up with it's performance but I look forward to using it very soon.

Christopher G.
Great customer service.

I love this hood, it has a great viewing windows and works well. By far the best hood I have owned, I had a Miller before this but it didn’t have true color. It’s a game changer. The only downside is that the first time I used it I overtightened the head strap and broke it and it wouldn’t loosen up. It wasn’t a function of bad product but more me being dumb. I contacted their customer service immediately and they had a new headstrap assembly out to me in a week. Customer service is great. The only thing I would recommend is that the headstrap goes a little tighter or had an adjustment that I can make so that when I tighten up the headstrap it isn’t as tight as it can go.

ky grippo fan
Fast, reliable, and clear!

Very fast switching and no problems on any of it.
Attach a leather beard protector and a topside ventilator, and you’re working in air conditioned bliss...
Visibility is super great with this. Bith in terms of color and optical clarity. The side view panorama, meh, hasn’t really been as big deal as I thought it would be, but otherwise a great product.

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