ASJMREYE 20V Cordless Leaf Blower with Battery & Charger

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Advanced Motor and Turbo Engine Tech: AJSMREYE leaf blower equipped with copper motor, with advanced turbo techs the motor could provide longer product life span and reduce energy consumption than traditional engine; Besides, snap fresh cordless leaf blower uses turbocharging technology which increases the max air output to 130mph; AJSMREYE is the mark of better user experience with higher sustainability

ASJMREYE 20V Leaf Blower

Dual Speed Mode with Adjustable Blowing Tubes: AJSMREYE cordless leaf blower cordless carries speed adjusting function; The 2 in 1 design realizes the aim of changing operating scenario by simply pushing the switch; Two modes, 60mph to 130mph, could help you easily convert from indoor work to outdoor work; With adjustable blowing tubes, people with all height would find out a comfortable using experience

Ultra-lightweight and Ergonomic Design: AJSMREYE understand customer’s needs of the house working tool; AJSMREYE cordless leaf blower designed for family work has a super light body which weight less than 2.7lb, can be comfortably operated by one hand; The handgrip is wrapped with flexible rubber, helps you prevent slipping when using

ASJMREYE 20V Leaf Blower

Full Accessory, Battery and Charger Included: AJSMREYE leaf blower is the first choice for your family, we provide all accessories you need to start your work immediately; no need for extra purchase like other brands; The included 2.0ah 20v battery could support you to 20-min work for the first mode and 15-min work for the second mode. A full charge will take 1 hour using included fast charger (please do not charge overnight)

Quick Assembly, All for The User: AJSMREYE‘s mission is ‘to make people’s life easier, all products are designed based on this mission; our products are lightweight, well fitted and could be assembled within minutes

ASJMREYE 20V Leaf Blower Cordless - motor

Battery Maintenance Tips: In order to maximize your battery life and lifespan, please leave the battery fully charged while not using; It will not affect your charging even you do not hear the click sound while placing the battery in the charger; The batteries are delivered in a fully charged state, please turn on the machine for 30 seconds before the first time charging


ASJMREYE 20V Leaf Blower Cordless with Battery & Charger


Power Source Battery Powered
Style Kit With 2Ah Battery
Color Green
Item Dimensions LxWxH 16.73 x 12.6 x 14.57 inches
Item Weight 5.06 Pounds
Speed 130 Miles per Hour
Max. Air Velocity 60MPH & 130MPH
Weight 1.22 kg
Sound pressure level 78.8 dB(A) K=2.5 dB(A)
Sound power level 88.2 dB(A) K=1.04 dB(A)




1× fast charger
1× upper tube
1× lower tube
1× bare tool
1× user manual
1× 20V/ 2.0Ah battery
ASJMREYE 20V Leaf Blower Cordless package included

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    Surprisingly Effective

    Recently purchased this blower to clean up after working in the garage and mowing the lawn. I was very happy with how effective this tiny blower was and how easy it was to move around. I was able to completely clear out sawdust and dirt from the crevasses on the garage floor. The blower seamlessly cleared out grass and leaves from the lawn. I've since used the blower to clean off tool, equipment and even the tile flooring in my house. It is very easy to use. The battery charger is great ad the battery charges in an hour or so. The battery charger has a red and green ready light that makes it simple to identify a full battery.

    Excellent for portability and lightweight design 👍

    I'm using this currently to dry some items produced in my woodshop.

    While I have corded leaf blower, it's too big and too loud so needed something between that had enough power but small.

    While it's not 600 CFM leaf blower, there's plenty of power. More than enough to push light leaves around the deck and blow off the dust. Also, taking off the two pieces in the front will give you the maximum CFM as it's not restricted 😀

    Perfect for our small yard

    This product was just what needed for our small yard. We previously had a gas powered blower that was SO hard to start! We purchased an extra battery so that one is always charging. We have a third of an acre and trees that lose tons of leaves. This is easy to start and takes care of the leaves like a champ.

    Get the job done

    It’s compact, light and not too loud. There re 2 levels which I like. I can use the lower level for dust or small particle and the noise is not that loud. In the video I used it to blow the old and a bit wet leaves so it’s sluggish. I believe this is not for big pile of leaves. I think it gets the job done for me. I don’t know how long it last to use the full battery. So far I used it for about 5 mins each time.

    J. Wilck
    The Snap Fresh leaf blower is a great addition to my gardening tools.

    I just received this great little blower yesterday. I “snapped” it together, charged it up and found it to be light weight and easy to use. It definitely was powerful enough to do the job. I did not rate drying power as I was working in dry conditions.

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