Cordless Grinder - 20V Cordless Angle Grinder w/ 4.0Ah Li-Ion Battery & Charger, 9000RPM Brushless Motor, 4-1/2'' Blade, Electric Brake, 2-Position Handle, Battery Grinder Tool for Metal Wood


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  • 🔧【Cordless and Connected-Ready Power】What can you do if you are not close to a wall outlet, or working in a tight, confined area? Going cordless is definitely a smart choice. Corded grinders are generally more robust, yet are noisier, and less versatile. It has prepared this irreplaceably convenient cordless one with battery power for your quick job without getting extension cords out.
  • Cordless Grinder in cutting iron

  • 🔧【Maximum 9000 RPM & Ergonomic Design】9000 RPM motor provides higher power for grinding metal, and cutting tile, rebar and concrete. Rubberized and ergonomic 2-position grip handle increases comfort on the job for any workshop, service garage, auto repair, or home hobbyist.
  • Cordless Grinder can cut a wide range of materials

  • 🔧【Efficient Brushless Motor】angle grinder has a lot of standout features, but chief among them is the brushless motor. Thanks to the all-copper and premium magnet, the operation becomes more stable and smoother. Many professionals and DIYers are heading to brushless motor to enjoy the 53.5% longer runtime and much more efficient experience.
  • Cordless Grinder has the endurance to work for long hours

  • 🔧【Proudly Present Li-ion Technology】For over 25 years, has made great progress in 1,000-Charging Cycle Test that guarantees each battery is more powerful, and lives longer than others. No worries about dying cells anymore. Go with KIMO, enjoy, and accomplish more than you ever expected.
  • Cordless Grinder Demonstrates Excellent Battery Performance

  • 🔧【20 Pcs Accessories】It is hard to determine market gimmick from the actual performance features that matter but hopes to help with that. A simple one-click order to get the most valuable tool kit, and let us prepare any accessories you need. Each Cut-Off Tool Kit comes with 10*Sandpaper; 2*Metal Cutting Wheel; 2*Grinding Wheel; 1*Wood Cutting Wheel; 1*Hook&Loop Backing Plate; 1*Carrying Bag; 1*Fast Charger; 1*Battery; and 1*Wrench.
  • A display of all the products in the Cordless Grinder set


    💥Package Content:

    1* Bare Tool
    1* 20V 4.0Ah Battery
    1* 60-Minute Fast Charger
    1* Carrying Bag
    1* Wrench
    1* Wood Cutting Wheel
    1* Hook&Loop Backing Plate
    1* User Manual
    2* Grinding Wheels
    2* Metal Cutting Wheels
    10* Sandpapers

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    Best deal

    I am a professional detailer. Let me say first off, I have used many different polishers. This machine is just as durable as the leading brands. The packaging was neat and professional looking as I pulled it out of the box. This'll polisher exceeded my expectations in durability and speed. The results were amazing, and for a fraction of the price too! I rarely take a chance on an off brand product, however, I am happy I did on this one. I have had this for 2 weeks now and no issues this far watering a 5 star review

    Public Name
    Nice size feels durable

    It really helped correct major problems / scratches and other problems due to a recent collision on the back of my dodge. I'm glad it came with the two buffing pads and I didn't have to buy them. The polisher feels strong and durable. I didn't have issues with it so far.


    Our water is pretty hard, contains lot of calcium and minerals, so all of our shower's door and glass panels in the bathroom have water stained and it's really hard to get them off with manual scrubbing. Saw this and bought it and have my husband used it on the glasses to remove the water stain (with some stain removal solutions), it took some works but the end result was worth it. The machine works really well and it was so much better than scrubbing with my hands.

    Tech Guy
    Heavy duty polishing machine

    Polished Toyota Rav4 SE with this heavy duty polisher. Machine‘’s speed exceeded my expectations through which i was able to wipe out the minor scratches on the body by using deep polishing cream.

    Very nice tool

    I purchased this product to use for waxing our fifth wheel and cars. Super easy to use and maneuver as I have quite a bit of experience using a polisher. Works perfect at number 1 speed for applying wax and speeed 3 for removiythe wax haze.I spent several hours using this on my fifth wheel and it works flawlessly.

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