ASJMREYE 42V 25-Inch String Trimmer / Edger, 1/2 Battery and Charger,Three types of blades

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Size: One battery
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⭐⭐⭐👉"Our goal is to create a reasonably priced mini chainsaw, because we believe that everyone should be able to use it to mow the garden-including the elderly, women and children over 12 years old."

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-- Light weight and simple electric start with cord lock feature makes it easy to use.

-- Cushion and over-mold grip and handle for operator comfort with auxiliary handle for more control when trimming.

--⚡The Transmission of the grass cutter provide maximum performance when trimming through the toughest weeds, grass, and overgrowth

-- Lightweight design with adjustable handle and height positions provide maximum comfort and control.

-- ⚡14-inch cut path gets the job done fast. Rpm : 8000rpm.


Rotational speed: 6000 (rpm)
Motor power: 1800W
Adjustable length of telescopic rod: 0~30cm
No-load time: 3 hours


⚡⚡⚡Package Included:
1 x Lawn mower
1 x Alloy blades
5 x Plastic to head
2 x Alloy saw blades
1 x Charger
2 x Battery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Perfect for the Mechanically-Challenged

I am a single male who has an unfortunate amount of yard work. I gave up on the gas-powered weed trimmer that was a leftover from my former marriage. I spent more time figuring out the line than trimming. It killed my back and shoulders. Last but not least, with gas powered yard machines I never know how much oil to mix, what kind of gas to put in and so forth. I am not mechanical. So, my quest for an easier and lighter weed trimmer began.

I have used the weed trimmer after three mowing cycles. So far: no regrets. It is economical. I have almost an acre of yard, so the second battery comes in very handy.
So how does it perform? I love it. A friend stopped by the other day and complimented me on how nice the yard looked. The trimmer is lightweight, and I have a health issue that causes chronic pain at forty-something. The weight, or lack thereof, is a huge relief compared to the gas trimmer collecting dust and spider webs in the garage. I realize the batteries will lose some steam, but right now I have enough to take care of my yard. It is so easy to feed line to that a child could do it. Need I say more? If it works for me, it will work for you!

Jelly Role
Reduced power is a good thing? Yep, in so many ways!

THIS IS NOT A GAS TRIMMER! Now, once you get that in your head, you can enjoy the benefits of this little gem. I have always had gas trimmers. I have always hated the accidental destruction of fences, siding, and edging. I have also never loved getting hit in the shins with 145 mph rocks and mulch chips. Vibrating hands and ringing in my ears also are not on the top of my list of fun things. It isn't as powerful as a gas trimmer, but it cuts the grass. What more do you need? It is much much lighter. It has way less vibration. It is very quiet. The lack of power is actually a benefit in my opinion. It is much easier to control for a finer more detailed cut. Of course the flip over edging feature works like a champ to for lining out your natural edges on landscaping beds. I know what you are long doe the battery last? Well, I have a quarter acre with large beds, a fence, curbs, a fire pit, and five trees to trim. Would I buy this if I was a commercial landscaper? Nope. Would I buy it if my yard was twice as big? Sure, I'm only using one battery now and it comes with two! I have no regrets.

Light and easy to use - 2 batteries does my 1/4 acre (well maintained) lot with no problems

Durability and use. After reading the reviews and how hard it was to snap into place I confirmed it was, but I read some and the materials they use are very durable. I think I read it on their homepage that the plastic used was the same plastic on helmets, so I think it will last a long time. I only have about a 1/4 acre of a yard. The first use was not under easy conditions because it rained a lot and things were getting a little tall. Under normal conditions this thing flies through the jobs. Both batteries easily get me through the front and backyard and edging around the flowerbeds. Sadly we got lazy on our backyard flowerbed and now we have grass/ I just whack them down for now. I know you can't have the perfect "conditional" yard to cut every time because of rain and 2 batteries is pushed to the limit then because it does bog down in thicker conditions. Not so much that it stops, but it definitely slows down then picks back up once cut.

It is light like everyone says, but I read somewhere here ( some elderly lady) where she crafted/engineered an old shoulder strap to help ease the load even more. I will tell you. I exercise and lift dumbbells 10x this weight, but hardly stopping now and does get heavy after awhile. So I have slowly been thinking how I can rig a shoulder strap. This will make it even faster. I feel my forearms after basically non-stop use of this.

A Kihlstrom
Even Better Than I Hoped

I hesitated to buy this because I was afraid it might not be powerful enough to handle edging and trimming my St. Augustine grass and because past experience with string trimmers wasn't exactly wonderful. So glad I bought this one anyway! This string trimmer exceeded my expectations. It does everything I need it to do, is lightweight and just makes trimming and edging so much easier.

Pros: Lightweight
2 batteries (even though I could edge and trim everything without running out of power on one)
WHEELS when edging! (I'm in my 60s and it made it so much easier to edge my sidewalks!)
powerful enough to handle my St. Augustine grass

Eric Erickson
Works great on MY 2 acres!

Love this thing. After getting the powerful gas trimmer and spending a few weekends dragging it all over the property, decided that there really SHOULD be something that was a little less bulky, cumbersome - and tiring. Granted the gas trimmers aren't like carrying a mower around, but they're not light when you go carting 'em around a couple acres.

THIS unit IS light - even after caring it around a couple acres. No issue with choking, starting, running out of gas, MIXING gas, spark plugs, tuneups, etc. An electric battery starts the trimmer when you pull it. Period. No hassle. On the ONE hand, they are NOT as strong (at least this model isn't) as a 25cc gas trimmer, but 95% of the time I really don't care about all that power. And, as I saw someone else point out, having gravel and sticks hitting your shins at 140 mph is no picnic. STILL have dings on my legs from a couple months ago. So it may even be regarded as a PLUS - cuts grass AND saves your legs!

It takes a bit of getting used to as far as the line advance but seems to have worked well so far. I have to manually advance it every once in a while, but have yet to need to reload the spool - after weedeating the yard (~2 acres) three times plus some touchup weeding, I'm still on the first spool. Since you can manually reload with your own line, it really should be no issue anyway. The toughest thing to get used to is NOT banging it on the ground to advance.