ASJMREYE Mini Chainsaw 6 Inch Cordless Hand-Held Red Electric Chain Saw Rechargeable Portable With Two Battery

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☑ Pure copper motor: the pure copper motor is more durable and eco-friendly. It can increase 30% of the power rate and decrease 35% of the power dissipation. Make your cutting faster.
☑ Super high-performance battery:: using pure German-made power battery chip, a single battery’s duration can be up to 240 minutes.
☑ Burst steel chain: fire-steeled bar manufactured into a chain. The chain’s durable cutting wear resistance can be up to 90%. 
☑ Safety switch: This cordless chainsaw is added with a safety lock and safety stopper to ensure safety. And the motor adopts overheating and high-temperature protection mechanism. Heat dissipation is accelerated.
☑ Working condition: cut tree branches normally. The most advanced speed is up to 13000 PRM. It weighs only 2.8 lbs. Perfect for single-handed.


Pure copper motor: The upgraded pure copper motor is more durable, powerful, and has a longer service life. Adopt upgraded new environmental protection energy storage function. Achieve 30% more power, 35% less power consumption, and fast cutting. It takes approximately 5-10 seconds to cut a 25cm diameter log with a chainsaw.

asjmreye mini chainsaw

Super high-performance battery: Pure German-made power battery chips with, superb battery life of up to 240 minutes per single power cell. Each chainsaw is equipped with 2 rechargeable batteries. The cutting time is even longer.

asjmreye mini chainsaw
Burst steel chain: Made from deep burnt steel bars. And the chain is hardened for durable cutting and wear resistance up to 90%. Keeps cutting at high speed in the best possible condition.

Safety switch: This cordless chainsaw has a safety lock switch (button) and safety flap added to the saw, with a wider flap design to prevent splashes of wood chips when cutting. To ensure safety. And the motor is protected by an overheating and high-temperature protection mechanism. And there are heat sink holes designed for efficient ventilation and heat dissipation.

Ergonomic design: soft rubber handle, non-slip and sweat-absorbing. Chainsaw safety off body protection (push button switch). Hand-held design for comfortable hand grip and easy control. Long-term use without fatigue.


Working conditions: This electric chain saw is versatile and can be used for forest cutting, cutting wood, pruning branches, and other uses. Normal cutting of branches. Top speed up to 8M/S. Weighs only 2.8 lbs. You can use it with one hand. Ladies and seniors can even easily use it in the relaxing courtyard and garden.








EU Plug / US Plug / UK Plug / AU Plug



Chain Speed


Output Power



Quick adjustment

Fast Charge


Rated Voltage

100-240V AC

Motor Drive

Pure copper motor

Power Supply Mode

Lithium battery

Package Weight

About 688g / 1.5lb

Full Chain Length

About 15.24cm / 6"

Guide Plate Length

About 18.7cm / 7.4"

Bare Metal Size(L * H)

About 35cm * 9cm / 13.6" * 3.5"

Package Size(L * W * H)

About 42cm * 13cm * 12cm / 16.4" * 5.1" * 4.7"


1*Mini Electric Chainsaw
1*English Instruction

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Ruth Graham
Simply good saw

This is a great hand saw for any job, especially when you need to cut tree branches. It is very powerful and sharp, it gnaws through anything. The saw was delivered in a hard plastic case along with two supplied batteries and an extra chain. This is very convenient because you can switch from one battery to another in case of problems with the first one. So, this is a handy tool for your yard! I can definitely recommend this saw.

Rylee Haag
Like this mini chain saw

I was pleasantly surprised with this mini chain saw. I’ve cut many 2” to 3” branches with no issues. Batteries also lasted for quite a long time enough to make 75 to 100 cuts of 2” branches into lengths for burning. For the money, you will not make a better purchase then this tool if your looking for a mini chain saw. Best part is when your elevated in a tree to cut branches. This tool can be used with one hand allowing you make a cut to a branch while holding onto the branch to guide the branch as it falls. The only negative thing I would mention is the battery charger. I’m used to my Milwaukee chargers where I slide the battery in for charging. This charger plugs into the battery like a charger that plus into a laptop. It also would be nice if safety glasses were included.

Freda Crooks
perfect for small branches

I used around my house ,its work really good for small branches.Battery also hold pretty good

Marlene Aurishaba
Good, fast little saw. Great for light/medium duty.

Bought an acreage with a small pond that needed a lot of outdoor work about 3 mo ago. This little chainsaw worked like a charm to cut out all the volunteer willows around the pond and prune the trees in the yard. Have hauled away six pickup loads so far using only this saw. Only issue is the guard on top broke off rather quickly as it is screwed into plastic and it's overheated a few times. The overheating was my fault from over use. I just stopped and piled branches for a few minutes and it was good to go -- no damage to the motor. I like the two batteries, two chains and bars and the hard plastic case to store it in. I need to get one chain sharpened as it has dulled from the extensive use, but otherwise just normal cleaning for maintenance.

Theresa Lombard
Excellent saw

Fantastic little saw for small trees and cutting 2 x 6 lumber

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