Chain Saw Rechargeable Mini Woodcutting Electric Chainsaw 4IN/6IN/8IN/10IN/16IN


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Stainless Steel Super Hard Chainsaw Chain
Size: 4in/6in/8in

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Cute, durable and practical

We purchased these dogs to train/work with the dogs to track their odor trails. They are easy to carry and very suitable for our needs. When we travel or travel, we will also use these foods and water.

Good chain, accurate replacement

The razor is sharp and perfectly suitable for my craftsmen in the early 1990s. Large shavings when cutting. It's like a hot knife passing through butter.

Amazing chain

I am not sure if the blade became premature due to poor lubrication or insufficient quality of my blade. It is cheaper to buy new products than to spend time grinding.

It works well for a homeowner

I've used this self sharpening chain idea for a few years now. I'm a homeowner who doesn't have to use the chainsaw very often. We have dropped over 8, 16' diameter Maple trees over the past 20 years, so I know how to fell and harvest a tree. I grew up on the farm and we did some wood cutting when I was a younger man, as well.
The self sharpening idea lets me do what I need to do without having to deal with sharpening. It's fast, works a dozen times on one chain, then I throw the chain away. It'll get me through one of those trees or more before I need a new one. Works for me. but probably not for someone who cuts a lot of wood. If I were one of those guys, I'd learn how to sharpen a regular chain and not buy these.

Great price

Have not used this for more than a couple hours of run time so I can not attest to it's longevity but nothing beats the ease of cutting with a fresh chain that runs real smooth! They sink through really thick wet slimey roots and wet lumber or dry lumber without the insane amount of chatter on the wood cut you'd expect from a chainsaw (yes there is still chatter but minimal) For the price this thing is great- beats the local hardware store price by 50%

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