Cordless Mini Electric Sabre Reciprocating Saw 30CM Variable Speed Tool-Free Blade Change System


Style: Electric Sabre Saw
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-- COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT. At only 5.4 lbs. you can maneuver easily, make intricate cuts, and work longer with less fatigue
-- DUST BLOWER.The integrated blower keeps dust and debris away from the surface of your cut, giving you better visibility of the cut and a more pleasant working environment

-- CUTS SO MANY MATERIALS. Wood, metal, ceramic, tile, plastic, tree limbs, PVC pipe, fiberglass, aluminum, copper, thin steel, even roots

-- Copper strong magnetic motor.Strong magnetic DC power, stable operation and prolonged use time

--⚡ Self-locking chuck.The blade is automatically clamped, and the cutting is not easy to run off

⚡⚡⚡Package Included:

1 x Electric Sabre Saw

1 xPlastic box

1 xCharger

1 xBattery

18 x Saw blade

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Great for massaging and cutting!

Very pleased with this tool. Seems well designed and made. Feels about the same weight as a medium-sized cordless jigsaw. One pre-buy concern was whether the pivot point wiggled, which could cause slight movement with jigsaw cuts. In both jigsaw and reciprocating mode there is zero play in the head. Pivots evenly and locks in solid. Motor and battery are strong. Variable speed (based on trigger pull %) is very smooth and precise. Both jigsaw and reciprocating blades lock in tight. Light is bright and shines on the cutt with no shadowing. I haven't used it enough to comment on battery life.


Always wonder how long a reviewer has used the product. Often the item is great in the beginning, reviewer loves it, then it stops and we never know it. Well I love these ASJMREYE tools. I have the reciprocating Saw and use it frequently. It is light weight yet powerful. Since I own several ASJMREYE tools I have multiple batteries, so can always put one in if one runs out of juice. Very seldom have to replace battery unless working for hours cutting and trimming trees. great for quick little jobs, fix it list, or making something new. Very handy and lightweight makes a difference. Do not need to worry about lugging an electric cord into the barn. Can go anywhere since it is a battery. I am over 70, and if I can do this, you can too. Just need easy lightweight tools that work consistently.

I love wood working and tools like any other guy out ...

Now that I've had this for a while, it has become my go-to saw! If I could only have ONE Saw for everything I had to cut, this would be it! Well, not for paper and or fabric of course!
So far it's worth every penny I've spent on it and the 5 star rating that I gave. It's sooo convienient and it's RIGHT THERE whenever I need to cut something.
Check out the pictures below and the size of the wood I was able to cut with it! Amazing.

Gear Head
ASJMREYE tools impress me more and more

After becoming so impressed with my ASJMREYE switch driver I decided to give another one of their tools a shot. Wanted something a little lighter and more maneuverable than my massive corded Milwaukee Sawzall.

Wound up needing to build a custom bracket at short notice so I figured I'd give the new AXIS a shot. Equipped with Milwaukee metal blades I was able to cut up some 1/8" angle iron and build the needed bracket in no time. I initially tried some old Craftsman jigsaw blades for the curve but they kept falling out due to how Craftsman designed them. So in jigsaw mode equipped with the same metal sawzall blade I was able to cut that curve in the photo. To get that wide blade to turn like I wanted I had to really turn as I pushed which put a *lot* of stress on this saw. Things got hot but it never once slowed down. After making the cuts I swapped the battery over to the drill for the holes and had plenty of life left.

K Durden
My wife is jealous

"Are you going to sleep with that thing?" asks the queen.

Okay, I may have been using this a bit much, but it's just that good. I needed a new reciprocating saw, and I've been looking at jigsaws. I didn't think I could get one tool to fit the bill, but here we are!

I'm impressed by three key factors.
1. the power. I've cut small branches, subflooring, deck step replacement, etc.
2. battery power. I've done all of the above on ONE CHARGE.
3. ease of transition between modes. Flip the switch pull out and reverse the blade. Boom.

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