How to Get A Chair fits yourself?

After choosing the function of the chair to meet your needs, the most important step before buying is to measure whether the chair meets your size. How to make the correct measurement is very important.


Getting the right measurements is critical to making sure you're getting the right chair—one that's comfortable and meets your stress management and support needs. A chair that is too tight against the your body may cause friction. A chair that is too large and may not provide proper pressure management or allow too much body rotation.


When Measuring Seat Width

You need to consider which part of the your seat is widest (hips or knee). If your hips are the widest apart, place one hand flat on each hip and tape measure, measure the length from the outer edge of each hand. If your hips are abducted, and their knees are the widest possible distance, so In this case, you'll want to measure from the outer edge of each knee.

When Measure Seat Depth:

Make sure the length of the seat you need is the length from the back hips to behind knees. Place one hand on your back to the one being measured when process it. Place two fingers behind your knee with the other hand. Measure from the palm of your hand to your edge for the fingers closest to the one’s knee and leave about 1 inch of space.


When Measure Seat Height:

Measure the length from the seat to the floor (or pedals). it is measured from the back to your places the knees on the soles of the feet when sitting down. it is important to get this right because a whopping 19% of your body weight is distributed between their sitting feet only. Be sure to measure both legs as some people may have legs of different lengths or different support needs.


And here is the size of ASJMREYE recliner chairs. Please make the measurement to make sure the chair fits you before purchasing.


Lift recliner chair

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mike bondi

mike bondi

Is there a dealer in the 94041(Mountain View CA) that sells this chair?
and would deliver and set it up ?

please advise

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