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Great Product..Works as Advertised

I went through two other mini electric chainsaws before this one. First, it works. Second, it has two batteries and that is really helpful. Third, it has additional chain (although I have not had to use it yet!). Highly recommend this product.

Great Value

I experienced some hesitation in buying this size purchase on line, but all was as advertised. Am just looking for a cover, and all will be perfect.

chain saw

Great product. That little chain saw cuts big trees!

Wonderful chair. Wonderfulservice

The chair arrived within days of ordering. Very easy to put together. Loved the idea of coming in three pieces. Made handlingeasy for one person to move

More than expected

I bought this chair because I’ll be having rotator cuff surgery and needed a chair to sleep on. I also have arthritis , so the lift feature is perfect. The chair moves slowly and quietly. The chair itself is “pillowy” and cozy. I didn’t expect it to be quite so soft and comfortable . The real leather is beautiful and it looks easy to clean . The message and heat was a bonus. I also love that I can recharge my phone and iPad .. a feature I’m sure to appreciate during my surgical recovery. … and also when I get my knee surgery later this coming year. The chair also goes perfectly with my decor and doesn’t look like a clunky old person’s chair . The two twenty year olds who set it up for me loved it and wanted one:)!

A new chair

The other benefits the chair offers are also valuable, particularly the massage function. She broke her back in her final fall on the golf course, and is plagued by stiff and sore back muscles. By using the massage function, she is able to relieve the stiff soreness, and function with more confidence. She likes the USB ports, and can run her phone and ipad from the chair with no difficulty. Now she has less trouble getting into and out of her chair than she does our new bed, which is just high enough to require a step stool for her to enter. She now spends more chair time than time in bed, which is way better than her situation before I got this chair!

Lifts heats and massages!

I purchased this power lift chair for when my grandma comes to visit , so she has a safe place she can sit and still get out of the seat. She has a hard time with mobility but i still wanted her to be able to come enjoy the holidays with us comfortably. However i will enjoy the chair when she is not here as it feels amazing with its heat and massage .
It's a easy press button that is on the side of the chair in an easy to reach spot in the right side of the chair. One button reclines the chair , while the other lifts the chair. In between these two buttons is also two usb ports so we can charge our phones or other electronics.It has two side pockets for storage for remotes or books and it even has two cup holders to hold beverages. The material is very plush , soft and comfortable to sit in.


I’ve had this chair since November, and it is the best decision I’ve made lately. I’ve had bad knees for several years and due to circumstances I have not been able to have replacement yet. Sleeping was a huge problem due to pain and trying to find a comfortable position for my knees. I’ve had multiple vein surgeries and in December I had one and went to sleep that night in my recliner. Best sleep I had had in a while, due to laying flat of my back in my recliner. I have slept in my recliner since then! I have had very few nights where I had trouble sleeping because of my knees…like three times. I love that this chair re lines almost flat! Highly recommend!

Love my chair. Great quality.

I love the features of this chair that enable me to stand up (and reach my cane without pain) since I have no cartilage in my knee. The price was affordable and the quality good. My backache has disappeared in just a few days of sitting in this chair.

It came in just three days and my husband loved the clear “easy to follow” instructions in English that he didn’t need a magnifying glass to read.

It has two pocket for my every need - my phone, water thermos, recharge plug-in for my phone etc. It is wonderful and my bones agree with me.

Excellent customer service

My wife and I are both 91 years old and bought two of these chairs. It was becoming difficult to get out of our old chairs. The chairs came in two boxes, and were quite easy to assemble. They are very comfortable and easy to operate. A couple of months after we started to use the chairs the remote cable that controls the heat and vibration got caught in the lifting mechanism and was severed. I contacted the sellers customer service to find out how to get a replacement. They promptly sent me a new remote after I sent them a photo of the severed cable, no questions asked. This kind of service was new to me


I bought this chair for my mom and she loves it. No more struggling to get up and she loves the massage and the heat!!


The nicest chair I have ever had

It is working great and helping my husband get up and down out or the chair. He is loving it. Thanks for the fast delivery.


M y husband loves his chair so much that he spends more time in it than expected. he thanks me often for remembering that he would love to have one. I am elated that he enjoys the chair as much.

Great 👍🏻

Bought this for mom after bypass surgery to aid in not using arms to push off/up when standing. She states it’s the most comfortable she’s been since surgery (1 week prior). Easy to use. Helps tremendously when standing or sitting. Absolutely a great purchase.

Wife Loves It

Other than the noticeable vibration on our wood floor, this recliner is the best designed and comfortable chair of three we have owned. Reasonable price considering the quality. Assembly instructions were good. Wife is very happy and everyone knows: Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Very satisfied with my order delivered in 2 days, easy to assemble very comphy would definitely r...

Great experience

Chair for may EE CENTER see at MVPGOLD.CLUB

The chair is the cornerstone of my EE system because the folks that are in the center are so impressed with the chair it's comfort its functionality But most important the exposure they get to the scaler proton energy allows them to go into a deep sleep this chair essential for what we're doing with the EE system

Best gift ever

This was a gift for my brother who has ALS. He loves it. The heat and massaging features are wonderful for his condition and the dog likes it too.

Great chair for my needs!

This chair came in one box with two pieces. It wasn’t hard to get out of the box and my wife helped put it together. I have disabilities that Make me have a hard time getting up so finally buying a chair like this was so wonderful!
It moves up and down and reclines with a push of a button! I like how it has two cup holders and two side pockets as well as small front pockets-good for cell phones! It has a usb charger I have yet to use. Even a little nightlight to see the buttons and port.
It is smooth going up and down and is slow. This chair is nicely padded unlike other pictures of others I’ve seen. It is comfortable. And I can also put a pad on it if I need to comfortably for tailbone pain or back pain. The arms and back of the chair as nicely padded.

What I needed

I am looking at a third back surgery and ordered this chair for the 180° recline and lift capabilities. I received the chair and the brackets on the base of the chair for the arms were missing. I contacted the company to let them know. They requested a photo of the base and the serial number. I provided the information and received a new base with the brackets attached. I have since been using my chair and I am extremely satisfied. The recline and lift functions work beautifully and the massage and heat are an added benefit. Definitely recommend this chair. Service was remarkable and the price was very affordable.

Great recliner

I love this chair, your description on your site is right on.

Perfect solution

My wife broke her right humerus (upper arm bone) right at the shoulder. Any one who has had shoulder surgery or a broken humerus knows the patient has to live in a recliner for a couple of months. Our recliner had the actuating lever on the right side of the chair as most are. So it was useless to her as she could not work the lever. Knowing that I would be at work and would not be able to help her in and out of the chair I decided on a lift chair. This lift chair is awesome. Super easy to assemble and works flawlessly. My wife was estatic that she could get herself in and out of the chair, one handed, with the simple push of a button. I would highly recommend this chair for anyone who is looking for a well built lift chair. the heat and vibration mode are a definite plus. It says you can't use the heat without the vibration. But if you turn off all of the vibration zones, the heat will stay on without the vibration. Another well discovered plus. Overall this chair is awesome. If you are on the fence about which one to buy, then look no further!

3-Position Power Lift Recliner Chair with Massage and Heating

Very comfortable and easy to assemble. Heating and massage features are great.