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New Best Friend

Love this chair. It has help my back and hips so much. Best money I have spent.

Very comfortable

I love that the chair has the freedom to choose the angle you want for the feet and back. Initially I didn't quite understand the meaning of the three motors, but figured that was the point. This chair also has a zero gravity feature, which we feel good about, but you can't use it for too long or you'll feel uncomfortable.

A worthy lift-chair

The chair is very easy to operate! You can switch between several common positions with the push of a button. It also has a lift mechanism so it helps my dad get to a standing position easily. It also has a zero gravity feature that recliners don't normally have, and the massage and heating are great. It's so worth it!

Exactly as described!

Indistinguishable from a high-end recliner, is comfortable, operates smoothly for the lift and backrest independently, and has the massage/heat features which are very therapeutic. We were prepared for mediocre for the price, but received grand, will buy another for the family room.

Recliner!After Visiting over 15 furniture stores for the recliner I Found one online at first I was hesitant about buying anything that you can actually sit in or touch but I went ahead and purchased this electric recliner with heat vibration Infinity position and power lift! I am so glad I did this is a wonderful chair some thing that I can sleep in which needed because I had a shoulder replacement and I will be sleeping in this for a month or two! The price on this chair is excellent I don’t know how they can sell one that is real leather with all these options for what they do! The only problem I had because I was right handed the controls was mostly on your right hand side which are remedy that by moving to the left-hand side and tying the remotes to a lamp that was on my left-hand side because once you get down into chair and the remote Controls fall in the floor you are doomed because at 70 years old you Cannot get up without power! I still cannot believe how good a deal this was on this chair!

Comfy and well made

If you are looking for something comfortable and well made, this is it. Assembly was easy (although it was heavy for me to move myself!)

Excellent product and excellent customer service

The chair met all my expectations and lived up to the demo video. The experience was excellent, the chair runs very smoothly. The batteries also last a long time. I have one issue that needs to be addressed by the seller. I was impressed with the prompt service and continued follow up.

Love it

This material is easy to clean, doesn't get dirty, and is thick. Functions: I can watch TV with my feet up in a sitting position. The backrest can be reclined flat, so it's easy to sleep. The massage function is vibrating, I prefer the heat on my lower back.

Surprisingly good

My father is 80 years old and he struggles to get up from his chair. So we decided to get him a lift chair for his birthday. After using it for a few days, he really likes the chair, especially the heated massage feature! In fact, the lift helps him a lot. It is a nice chair.

Perfect chair

Putting my feet up and then adjusting the backrest to a comfortable position is very important to me, and this chair meets my expectations. The chair seems to be made of quality materials and is very comfortable. Time will tell how durable it is.

Well made

Buying a sofa from online was like a gamble, but I'm so glad I did! The sofa is beautiful and fits perfectly in my living room. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and spacious it is.

Great chair

It puts me to sleep every time I relax in it. It has become the most comfortable piece of furniture I have ever bought. I highly recommend this chair to anyone looking for comfort. It is able to achieve any sitting or reclining position you desire.

Exactly What I Needed

I love this chair! It is soooo comfortable. It helps you stand up and prevents knee pain. This chair is perfect for people with knee problems. I definitely recommend it to everyone. It also provides great comfort for your back. It's definitely worth the money.

Pretty good

The chair is beautifully designed. I like the material because it doesn't scratch easily. It feels like a synthetic leather and is very soft. My two cats ruined my old leather one and they have sat and slept on this with no scratches.

Good purchase

My wife needs a recliner that can have two separate front and rear controls. This has two benefits: heat and massage. Great value. We love it.

Wonderful recliner

This chair is comfortable, but not for someone who is very large or heavy. It feels sturdy when you sit in it, tilts back easily, and the footrest is easy to close. For the price and overall style, I think it's a great buy.

Great massage chair!

I suffer from incurable chronic pain so we bought this chair. It has good preset settings for different massages, manual options, options to add more time, and various other settings. Overall, this is a great chair and we are very happy with it!


The dual motors give a feeling of infinite adjustment, which is exactly what I've been looking for. This chair is perfect for me, the chair is good quality, very comfortable and the motors are very quiet.

Comfortable chair

This chair is fantastic! I managed to put the chair together myself, it was easy to assemble and now this is where I sit and relax. I have a lot of back problems and the heat and vibration massage helps me relax and relieve the pain.

Great massage chair

This chair works great and looks great in my living room. Every guest that comes over immediately wants to try it and is jealous. It has the right amount of firmness and comes in several different modes. This chair has truly made me more relaxed and I can't tell you how many times I've fallen asleep in this thing. Highly recommended.

Excellent product!

My wife and I really like this massage chair. We use it for 10-20 minutes a day before bed. It is powerful enough to really work and the interface is well designed. We especially like the heat and zero gravity features. Delivery was easier than expected. We are very pleased and would recommend it to others.

Amazing quality for the cost

Love this sofa! It is perfect for the price. Comfy and quality feel. Customer service was quick and responsive.

The Perfect Fit

Great product, easy to assemble and move around. The beige color is both stylish and neutral so it fits perfectly with my decor, I love the comfort of the cushions.

Well made.

I bought this wheelchair for my 92 year old father. He has balance and walking problems. This chair is fast, maneuverable and comfortable. It has been a lifesaver and has made him more independent. The chair is beautiful, with a compact and attractive design.

Nice couch!

Bought this couch for my living room. It was very easy to put together and fits perfectly in the small area of my apartment living room. The seats are sturdy and comfortable enough to sit on. I am very satisfied with this purchase.