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I love how simple and only 3 steps to assemble. The COMFORT is undescribable. Oooooh so COMFORTABLE! I am 76 in years. Arthritis in lower and upper back, the function of one arm and recently had booth knees replaced. This chair has the heat and I get a total back massage, ever so gentle with a mere touch of buttons to customize my very own desires (MY, MY, MY) The comfortable multiple positions, my own customized, is another PLUS. Raise my feet a little or straight out. The back of the chair has multiple positions to a layflatt, take a nap position. The cushioning is firm but gent)y allows your body to feel like you are on firm marshmallows. QUIET movements. This sounds heavenly WITHOUT disabilities, BUT when you have disabilities as I do, it makes my life so enjoyable. 🙏

Great chair

We bought this chair for my husband to sleep after rotator cuff surgery. It was packed nicely and looks exactly as pictured. Very simple to assemble as well. The leather is soft, and the decorative lumbar pillow is a nice touch. He slept in it two nights so far and has been very comfortable. The full recline is exceptional. He can even sleep on his side. Operation is very quiet. We haven’t tried the heat or massage features yet, but I am sure they will be a bonus. Overall, we are very pleased with this purchase.

Quality chair that really helped!

My husband has Ankylosing Spondylitis a degenerative spine disease. What he needed was a chair where the back reclined separately from the foot rest, so that he cld recline the back into a comfortable position, even while sitting. This chair does just that. He hadn't expected to like or use the massage, because most massage chairs are too intense. But the massage on this chair is more mild and he uses it daily! The heat is also a welcome feature that he uses all of the time.
The chair arrived quickly and I was able to assemble it easily, by myself. It would have been even easier to assemble, with another person. An additional note: My husband was also recently diagnosed with a cancer that has caused multiple tumors on his spine. This chair is one of the only things (other than pain pills) that has given him some relief from pain. I highly recommend.

Great recliner and sleeper

I ordered this recliner for my mom as she transitioned from a hospital setting to her home. She need a comfortable chair that also allowed her to elevate her legs. This chair does all that and more. My mom is able to sleep in this chair as well as she recovers. The versatility of this chair is wonderful. It gives her options . When she needs help getting out of the chair , the chair provides a lift. When she feels she can get out of the chair herself, the armrests are sturdy and provide a great base to place her hands as she stands. The heat and massaging were the best part of this chair and provided great relief to my mom. Best furniture investment. Easy to put together. The base is heavy but that is to be expected with 2 motors.

Recovery chair becomes the favorite chair

Purchased for post hospital recovery and it quickly became the favorite place to be. I like that the feet/leg lift is independent from the back recline. The heat and massage are added bonuses to aid relaxation. Fully reclined is flat which allows you to side sleep comfortably.
The slow movement is perfect for the recovery patient as it doesn’t jerk them. It allows the body to be gently shifted.

HONBAY we are in luv with this sofa

Wonderful customer service and pleasantly Suprised with everything!!!! The company went above and beyond and exceeded our expectations with answering our questions etc. The quality honestly seems highly durable. This couch was purchased for my aged parents and my two teen niece and nephew. In all the couch needed to be able to endure and it is doing a fine job. We had to add to the cushioning simply bc my parents need help at times getting up or sitting down( they are not handicapped by no means just as you get older your bones decline) so the added cushioning was perfect which we used from the sofa we replaced this one with... Honestly for a four seater couch the price is right in point. And the added storage is the bonus... Please purchase this couch!! I don't get anything for writing my review but when I see something I love I will only want to share my joy with others, So here you go.. Enjoy

Perfect couch for a first timer!!!

I love this sectional set I was a bit nervous to get a sectional as I was worried it would to big. But it was perfect for me and my guest. It took two of my friends along with myself to build it and at first we had a little difficulty getting the parts right but after a few minutes we figured it out. Once it was built the couch was so comfortable, everyone that visits compliments me on it. In addition to that its very comfortable you will feel so relaxed on it. Best purchase ever!!!

My entire family loves this chair. It is very comfortable and hits every area that you would want. Sometimes it is hitting areas too hard but you can easily adjust the force that is used. The air pressure is one of my favorite features. It squeezes just tight enough around your legs, arms, thighs. LOVE that. My husband is very tall and he even fits in this chair just fine and loves it. It's fought over during family functions. This chair lays back far and is a great for a nap while being massaged. We will stick with this chair forever. The price is great and it is a great selection for massage chairs.

It can be controlled with triple control mode, touch screen & quick access buttons & voice command control

This massage chair is worth its money. We really like the foot rollers and the air bags. I like everything about this chair, Would recommend it to my friends

Great Chair!!

We absolutely love our chair!!!

Made all the difference in the world!

My 83 year old mom returned home from rehab after surgery on her broken elbow and knee cap. I was concerned about her ability to transition from sitting to standing without using one arm and one leg. So, I bought this lifting recliner hoping it would help mom be more self sufficient and enable her to get up and down unassisted. I had it shipped to her place and I arrived the day before she was released from the rehab center and unpacked it and put it together with relative ease without any tools. I went to pick mom up the following day and brought her home.
The moment of truth…
She easily adapted to the remote and how to raise and lower the chair position. It was an instant success and has been a blessing to her recovery. As she progresses in her recovery, she can use the chair less to assist her sitting and standing. Honestly, she sleeps in it and it enables her to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom without assistance from anyone. I could not be happier with the outcome and my mom is a huge fan of the lifting recliner.

Classy and Elegant chair.

Struggled trying to decide whether to order or not. Decided to try it. The chair was delivered in two days! The delivery gentleman kindly set it into the foyer to get it out of the weather. I was home alone and pushed the box into the living room. I slid it out of the box and read the directions and put it together in about 5 minutes. Very simple. The chair is very classy and elegant looking. It is firm sitting just as we like. My hubby came home and Loved it. Sat down in it at noon and he’s still in it at 2:42 pm. Lol. I may not get a chance to sit in it. Great full to be safe and dry while the new chair is enjoyed! Thank you. We are so Glad we took a chance. It’s a Beautiful piece of furniture.

These chairs are a feal find

We needed to replace two chairs in a sitting room at a time when furniture shortages ih our area made traditional shopping difficult. We took a chance and ordered these online. When they arrived, they were very easy to assemble - almost self explanatory. They fit together perfectly and operate without any issues. The chair is sturdy for regular use. The heat function in combination with the vibration is very soothing if you have back issues, as I do. Some people complained that the seat cushion is hard. It is firm but comfortable. If it was too soft it would become misshapen very quickly.

Thumbs up for me...not bad.

Better than expected. It turns out that is the exact style(mid century)I've been looking for, it exceeded my expectations, back and arm cushions are softer. It's definitely not one to flop down in everyday..but it seems sturdy enough so far(kid free), nice rich fabric, the back cushions support my lumbar area perfectly, in upright position my feet barely touch the floor. easily assembled. The electric vibration part(upper&lower back) is much stronger than expected. I've had 3-4 "big fluffy" recliners, they're just toooo big, it's light enough to slide around my room or away from the wall. I'm impressed.

Beautiful design & high quality parts, fabric. Easy push back recline PERFECT FOR ANY ROOM

Honestly it is beautyiful and firm, with high quality fabrics. It has the tools and parts carefully wrapped and together with easy to read instructions. The fabric is really high quality, vibrant designs and thick made coverings. No handle for the reclining AND it only requires a gentle push back, so for ppl that are older. ITS HEAVEN, Im tiny short so my feet dont touch the ground when I sit in it, but for anyone over 5 feet, it will be a wonderful easy rise and sit. the ead rest is a comfortable tilt, that any little chair pillow will allow for an easy prop up. Honestly. I LOVE IT. STURDY MADE, BEAUTFUL, the right hieght and width for a person of smaller stature.

Exactly what I needed.

I liked it enough to give it a shot. My son put it together fast no problems at all and no adjustments were needed, it even had extra hardware. The material is very nice. The construction sturdy and moves smoothly. Some people said it was stiff, but I thought it was fine. Actually too soft in the beginning can mean it will sag later. When my son finish putting it together and I told him the price and he was really surprised. I think this is a lovely accent chair I have it in my bedroom, but for every day constant use chair I can’t say as yet.

Bought for foot surgery

I bought this for foot surgery I had yesterday, I needed a recliner I could sleep in for the first few days, my bedroom is upstairs and not ready to navigate the stairs.
I slept in it last night and it was very comfortable, I was able to rest for at least 5 hrs. My only regret is it doesn't have a power headrest, but I put a pillow behind my head and it suffices.
I ordered on a Monday and received on Wednesday, extremely fast shipping. My grandson put it together in about 15 minutes.
Unfortunately ordered it before the $100 discount, I did get the $60 discount, but $40 more would have been nice.
I am a 76 yr old female, 5'9" and it fits perfectly. I will be confined to the chair for 6 days and will be happy to be in this very comfortable recliner😉💕

Lift chair

We got our new chair delivered on time Sunday it's a company that will go above and beyond to help you get a solution there an excellent company to work with and I love my chair. Thanks again to the Asjmreye company it's a 10 for me.Thanks Jeannie

I love it

Not long ago, I was hospitalized due to high blood pressure and cerebral embolism was discharged after receiving good treatment.
My son ordered for me a recliner chair to my discharge. After using it for a month, I fell in love with this chair. It's a very very comfortable chair for me, and I like it even more because it spreads out horizontally.
The heating function on the back in cold winter helps me to sleep deeply and comfortably even for a short time in a chair.


I so needed a comfortable recliner to elevate my feet that was also beautiful . The massage and heat are such a wonderful addition for comfort. But the USB port and pockets makes this a real luxury piece of furniture.

Love the recliner

Love this recliner! It has changed my dad’s life. My dad has a bad back, & this recliner has given him a new lease on life!

More than expected

I bought this chair because I’ll be having rotator cuff surgery and needed a chair to sleep on. I also have arthritis , so the lift feature is perfect. The chair moves slowly and quietly. The chair itself is “pillowy” and cozy. I didn’t expect it to be quite so soft and comfortable . The real leather is beautiful and it looks easy to clean . The message and heat was a bonus. I also love that I can recharge my phone and iPad .. a feature I’m sure to appreciate during my surgical recovery. … and also when I get my knee surgery later this coming year. The chair also goes perfectly with my decor and doesn’t look like a clunky old person’s chair . The two twenty year olds who set it up for me loved it and wanted one:)!

A new chair

The other benefits the chair offers are also valuable, particularly the massage function. She broke her back in her final fall on the golf course, and is plagued by stiff and sore back muscles. By using the massage function, she is able to relieve the stiff soreness, and function with more confidence. She likes the USB ports, and can run her phone and ipad from the chair with no difficulty. Now she has less trouble getting into and out of her chair than she does our new bed, which is just high enough to require a step stool for her to enter. She now spends more chair time than time in bed, which is way better than her situation before I got this chair!

Lifts heats and massages!

I purchased this power lift chair for when my grandma comes to visit , so she has a safe place she can sit and still get out of the seat. She has a hard time with mobility but i still wanted her to be able to come enjoy the holidays with us comfortably. However i will enjoy the chair when she is not here as it feels amazing with its heat and massage .
It's a easy press button that is on the side of the chair in an easy to reach spot in the right side of the chair. One button reclines the chair , while the other lifts the chair. In between these two buttons is also two usb ports so we can charge our phones or other electronics.It has two side pockets for storage for remotes or books and it even has two cup holders to hold beverages. The material is very plush , soft and comfortable to sit in.