How to Choose a Comfy Recliner Chair?

Recliners have a “laid-back” history. Around 1850 the popular built-in footrest was born, which allows you to sit back and relax while reading your favorite novel or watching your favorite show off your smart TV.  The French military introduced the modern-day recliner that had 3-i-1 benefits: serving as a chair, a chaise lounge and a bed.

Recliners are upholstered armchairs that can be tilted backward, usually with a footrest that extends out in front. Recliners vary; some can recline, rock, swivel, massage, and lift a person out of their chair. There are many different types of recliners on the whole market, and they’re all wonderful for different things: Some may make for the perfect place for a nap, while others offer heat and massage functions to relieve back pain.ASJMREYE dual motor power lift chair

When you’re shopping for a recliner, you need to consider three important factors: material, function and brand. Before you select the seat that is the most suitable for you, you’ll need to consider the pros and cons of each factor. Read more below:


Like other furniture, recliner chair covers are made from various materials, each possessing its unique feel, texture, advantages, and disadvantages. Genuine and faux leather (PU or PVC leather) are the most commonly used cover materials. On the other hand, fabric and mesh covers are widely used in budget-friendly recliners.

It is for sure that a recliner chair with genuine leather will be far more expensive than a fabric one or one with faux leather. Leather recliner chairs rightfully deserve the title of best chairs. They offer luxurious, comfortable textured upholstery with a long lifespan and excellent durability. Although leather chairs cost more than their fabric counterparts, the quality justifies the price.

Also other factors, such as a real wood base versus composite, or detailing, like a nailhead accent trim, will also make a difference in a recliner’s price and durability.

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Different Types of Recliners

If you’re looking for a chair with all the bells and whistles (think heat, massage functions, and power lift capabilities), you’ll probably pay quite a bit more than you would for a more run-of-the-mill lounging model. Consider which functions are must-haves for you when shopping for a recliner. There are rockers or swivels, lift recliners and massage recliners.

Rockers or swivels do exactly what their names say. They rock or swivel (sometimes both). Many people use their recliners to sleep instead of a bed. A rocker recliner is also a favorite with nursing mothers because it provides comfort for the mother while the rocking motion relaxes the baby. A swivel base allows you to pivot and face any direction you desire. 

A lift chair is a recliner with a motorized mechanism that pushes the chair up from its base, making it easier to get up from the seat. It is usually recommended for people with limited capacity to use their legs, and it is handy for someone with weak knees. This type of recliner is usually significantly more expensive than rockers or swivels.

Massage recliners massage your back and the backs of your legs and sometimes come with a heating function. Some massage recliners even have a lifting function, using the same operating mechanism as the lift chair, which can help you lift or recline. Sitting down in one can be comforting at the end of a long day.



Last but not least, you’ll want to note the brand of your recliner. Trusted names, such as La-Z-Boy, Ashley, Barcalounger and ASJMREYE etc. may be more expensive than generic brands, but they’re also well-made and sturdy. Consider whether you want to invest in a recliner that will last a long time, or just get by with something for now. Good recliners tend to be expensive, and most have a 15- to 20-year lifespan.

No matter your shopping preferences and needs, there’s an affordable recliner here for you. For a night of relaxation — perhaps with one of the best blankets and a cup of tea — you’ll adore the chance to kick your feet up and simply relax. 

Ahead, find the best recliner that you want to cuddle up in. Whether you’re preparing for your latest home reno or simply need another furniture piece, we’re inclined to say these recliners are the real deal. With the touch of a button, you can recline the back or bring up the footrest.



How to measure the space for a recliner?

Measure the width of the recliner from the left armrest to the right armrest (from outer edge to outer edge). Make sure the recliner is fully reclined, and then measure the length of the recliner from the top of the headrest to the bottom of the footrest. Measure the area where you plan to place the recliner. If you plan to place it near a wall, make sure there is enough room to allow for at least five to ten inches of space between the wall and the head of the recliner at full extension.

How long do recliners last?

Depending on the quality of the recliner and the amount of use, a new recliner can last from seven years to about 20 years. If it's made of leather, it adds another five years to the chair's life. Adjust up and down based on heavy use, rough use of children or pet's sharpening their claws on the upholstery.

Buying in store or online?

Buying in-Store. The greatest advantage of buying in the local store is that you could try out the recliner. You could try it on for size, and closely inspect it, looking for flaws in construction, such as the seam stitching and lifting mechanisms. 

Buying Online. It is quite common to buy online nowadays. Brick and mortar stores have higher overhead costs than online stores. One of the most significant benefits of ordering from an online store is many provide free delivery. And also, the prices are often less expensive.

So from an economic point of view, buying online is more cost-effective. In other words, the same product is cheaper to Buy Online.

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