Large Swivel Rocking Recliner, Nursery Swivel Glider Fabric Manual Recliner Chair, Max 360° Swivel 30°Rocking, 35.4' Width

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This Nursery Swivel Glider Fabric Recliner chair has a 360° rotation and 30° rocking feature, an adjustable lever function for reclining, and just the right amount of padding for comfort and easy maintenance. Its sturdy structure is made of high-strength iron frame material that can withstand wear and tear and maintain its beauty over a long time. It's also easy to assemble, taking only 2 minutes to put together. Additionally, this chair is suitable for women, the elderly, nursing mothers, and children. It's perfect for coaxing children to sit and use, making it a versatile addition to any home.

  • [360° ROTATION/30° ROCKING]The 360° swivel design allows you to adjust the orientation and position of the chair more freely, without having to move the chair to adapt to different angles and positions for different occasions. This makes your experience more comfortable and free, allowing you to turn and steer the chair freely without having to collide or interact with other equipment or furniture, making your use feel more convenient and comfortable. The chair also swings back and forth 30°, allowing it to be used in a variety of ways. The back and forth motion allows your body to relax completely, relieving stress and fatigue throughout the body.

  • [FREE CONTROL]The unique feature of this chair is that it has a lever function, when lying down only need to pull the lever, you can easily convert the chair into a recliner, so that people enjoy rest at the same time more comfortable and convenient, no longer need to manually adjust the fixed angle like the traditional recliner. When sitting up, you only need to gently press the foot drag, you can retrieve the recliner, convenient and labor-saving, to ensure the beauty and practicality of the chair.
  • [THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF PADDING]This chair is unique, the use of the right amount of padding, both to ensure the beauty of the chair's form and provide the body with the right support and comfortable feeling, so that people sit down and feel warm and comfortable rather than hard discomfort, but also easy to clean and maintain. The right amount of padding chair in the practicality and comfort of excellent performance, so that people not only feel the dual enjoyment of beauty and practicality in the use, but also in the enjoyment of the process more comfortable and warm.
  • [STURDY STRUCTURE]The chair adopts a sturdy structural design, the choice of high-strength iron frame material for the support skeleton to ensure that the chair is not easy to deformation and distortion in the process of long-term use, to withstand the impact and pressure of various external forces. Its structure is solid and reliable, able to withstand a large weight, to ensure the safety and reliability of the use of the chair, a long time to maintain the beauty and longer service life.
  • [USE NOW]After receiving the package, you only need to insert a backrest behind the base to complete the assembly, it takes about 2 minutes, and you can finish it in a short time to experience your chair quickly!

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