All of our products have the following unique advantages: compared to any other tool [brand] or platform [Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, etc.]

Upgraded battery: Our battery applies the latest upgraded design, which improves the original battery storage capacity (30%) and reduces the battery's dissipation (35%). The most important feature of the upgraded battery is that it is rechargeable and can be used for uncountable times. This will allow you to put it into good use and save your every penny.

Upgraded pure copper motor: most chainsaws will get heated after working for a long time, but the upgraded motor will automatically start the cooling engine (which is the latest design). And the motor has overheating protection. The automatic safety protection mode helps to protect the safety of users. Besides, there is no need to wait and you can just continue your cutting.

☑ Ergonomic safety design: the product buttons all have double protection: a safety button and an on/off switch. When your hand leaves the machine, it automatically stops and goes into safety protection mode.

☑ Product manufacturing material. Each product has been treated with a special material against poison and oxidation, which is more wear-resistant than ordinary materials. And it is not easy to break.

ASJMREYE accessories: more perfect tool accessories make every customer buy more elaborate power tools with less money. At the same time high quality product experience can also let every customer save every penny. (Free carrying case and accessories)