ASJMREYE 24V Lithium Ion Battery Pack

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⭐⭐⭐👉"Our goal is to create a reasonably priced mini chainsaw, because we believe that everyone should be able to use it to mow the garden-including the elderly, women and children over 12 years old."

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🧰👨‍🔧5-year warranty
✈️🚀After confirming the address information after payment, the goods will be shipped worldwide within 48 hours.
After-sales service >> No reason to return within 60 days.

Compatible with all ASJMREYE 24V power tools
⭐Not applicable to power tools other than ASJMREYE 24V
Lightweight and compact at 0.9 pounds
Smart power management chip
Safe from overcharge, overheat, short circuit

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P. (Dayton, US)
6" hand held chain saw

Purchased a battery pack. The battery pack & the hand held 6" cutting unit work great. I really like this device & highly recommend. Customer service was excellent & parts delivery lead time was also very good....Satisfied customer!

Great Customer Service at GreenWorks!

At first the battery wasn't lasting but maybe 30-40 mins but rather than posting a bad review, I chose to contact the company first. They asked a series of questions and then shipped out a new battery that works great! Our yard is smallish and it takes about an hour or less to mow. Our replacement battery now does that in one charge. Great customer service ASJMREYE!

Super long lasting battery-buy it!

I use this battery with the pole hedge/shrub clippers. It packs a lot of power. I have about 120 feet of hedges and about 50 feet of thorn bushes. Both were planted by the previous homeowner in 1950; I would never have planted either of these time wasters. Because they are so old and have been trimmed for so many years, the stems on these shrubs are very thick. Yet, with this battery, I have never run out of juice cutting all of these shrubs. I bought an extra battery because I was afraid that with so much to cut I would have to switch batteries. Never happened. And when I am done with my shrubs my neighbor immediately borrows the clippers for his shrubs. (He often cuts mine, as well.) I give him the extra battery but he also clips his shrubs without having to switch batteries. So, two yards with tons of shrubs done with one battery that has power to spare. When I take the battery out of the clippers it takes about 25 minutes to charge up for the next use a couple of weeks later. Right before the next use I place the battery in the charger only to see it light up green. The battery holds all of its charge for 2 weeks in storage.

It works great!

A dedicated charger is one of those items that's hard to review. As long as it works and doesn't die on you there really isn't much else you can ask of it since there aren't other options to choose from. It charges quickly and lets us get in a recharge to cut the entire yard done in one day rather than having to cut over several days like it would if we had to charge overnight.

Replacement battery that works

I've used both many times over the past year. Then suddenly, the battery was not making a good connection with either piece of equipment. I had to push the battery passed its locking point to make a good connection with the device for them to work. I bought this replacement battery and it seems to work just fine. It's just a shame that it's so expensive for just one battery, if they only last a year

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